Bitpay collaborate with Simplex to offer Zero-Fee crypto trading across Europe

Bitpay collaborate with Simplex to offer Zero-Fee crypto trading across Europe

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Bitpay collaborate with Simplex to offer Zero-Fee crypto trading across Europe

Recently, Bitpay has been making headlines on the collaboration move it’s taking with Giant-Companies, including and Apple, in an attempt to encourage broad adoption of cryptocurrency across the globe. In fact, It’s hardly a fortnight when Bitpay announced its collaboration with Apple Pay, a move that meant to allow BitPay Prepaid MasterCard to allow Apple users to sign up and use Apple pay in making payments for all sorts of purchases.

Un-expectedly, the CEO of BitPay, Stephen Pair, made the announcement of BitPay’s new partnership with Simplex, a fiat and crypto market leader. Pair said he had arrived at the joint venture decision with Simplex to allow Crypto investors in Europe to trade directly from the BitPay wallet without any debit or credit card and, most importantly, trade at Zero-Fee crypto trading across Europe via the BitPay Wallet app.

The BitPay Wallet app will remain an open-source and non-custodial and allow registered users to receive, store, purchase, and spend crypto without compromising neither usability nor the BitPay Wallet app security.

During the press release, the CEO of BitPay explained that the Bitpay integration with Simplex is meant to give a different experience to first-time buyers. By adopting the BitPay Wallet app with a user-friendly interface that will not compel users to navigate to any crypto-exchange to fund the wallet, customers will ultimately understand and love their partnership efforts. Besides, Zero-Fee crypto purchase is undoubtedly good news to customers.

BitPay’s Collaboration with Simplex

According to the Pair, there are a number of benefits that come alongside the partnership. For instance, with the BitPay Wallet app, crypto investors in Europe will be able to open Simplex Banking. The collaboration between BitPay and Simplex is going to allow purchase without limit and become a hub of opportunities to crypto investors.

On the other hand, Simplex is a fully regulated financial institution that offers a wide range of free-fraud payment methods for crypto purchases. Thus, the safety of customer’s money is guaranteed, besides the partnership will eliminate the entry barriers to new investors who would like to venture into the crypto space.

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