BitPay Prepaid MasterCard Now Supports Apple Pay

BitPay Prepaid MasterCard Now Supports Apple Pay

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BitPay to start Supporting Apple Pay

BitPay announced today that its card users can now sign into Apple wallet and pay for purchases using Apple Pay.

Speaking in a press release, the CEO of BitPay, Stephen Pair, noted the market gap with BitPay wallet customers trying to find an avenue to spend their crypto. By adding Apple Pay, BitPay customers will now be able to buy goods and services of all sorts (from basic to luxury) provided Apple Pay is accepted.

Apple Pay currently services 138 million customers worldwide, let alone the billion iPhone users that exist. Additional to in-app purchases, the service allows contactless purchases in stores or online as long as they are done using Apple watches, iPods, iPhones, or mac.

BitPay Prepaid MasterCard Now Supports Apple Pay. With verified BitPay account information, BitPay payments will be allowed whenever Apple Pay is accepted.

What about BitPay customers without the plastic card, you ask?

No need to worry. BitPay has within its means the ability to add a virtual card to apple wallet through their Bit Pay app. This allows their users to transact normally and conveniently, even without the need for a physical card or while awaiting one.

As for now, BitPay supports three cryptocurrencies– Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether, alongside four us-tethered stablecoins- USDC, GUSD, PAX, and BUSD.

BitPay Future Aspirations

BitPay has set a milestone to include Samsung Pay and Google Pay within this first quarter of the year.

Cryptocurrencies are no longer a fairy idea. Major corporations like Uber have already set propositions in place to include a Bitcoin payment option.

The movement now is to integrate Bitcoin to day to day usability in the real world. BitPay customers can now, among other options, pay for a ride, order pizza, or rent a movie through Apple Pay.

The goal of crypto assets has been to revolutionize the financial industry, and BitPay has taken this crypto vision a step further.

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