and BitPay jointly launches Bitcoin travel gift card and BitPay

November 21, 2020

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Ease in travel as the renowned travel booking service provider, forms a joint venture with one of the largest crypto firm in Atlanta, Georgia, BitPay. As many people continue to invest in the crypto space, major business corporations continue to accept these forms of payment.

Following their joint venture, has introduced gift cards that can be purchased via bitcoins and other altcoins up to 30 in number. To services on the platform, can still be purchased with fiat currencies making the platform more user-friendly.

Why the gift cards are useful

The gift cards will be used to make purchases upon redeeming their points, this will then be used to make purchases of up to three million services and products offered within the platform. The gift card will as well enable you to make purchases with other tokens up to a total of $20,000.

The giant crypto-friendly booking service provider as well introduced their crypto services called AVA. The crypto service has been known to trade at a stable point of $0.70 throughout this month.

Other gift cards that BitPay support can be considered as just one of the major commercial services that BitPay offers gift cards to. BitPay has been renowned to offer crypto gift cards to other e-commerce platforms that include Amazon bitcoin gift cards, Cineplex, Ticketmaster, and the Apple store. Besides, many other corporations depend on BitPay for crypto services.

The post covid19 travel plummet 

Airplane travel has been considered to be one of the leading sources of covid19 transmission conditions. Airplane travel has, therefore, experienced a blow due to reduced travel. From their statements, spokesperson, Juan Otero, and BitPay’s Sonny Singh seemed rather optimistic on the resilience within the sector.

Coupled with the Black Friday and the end year festive spree, 10% off for any individual purchasing the gift card before the year rolls over.

BitPay has as well experienced a tainted reputation. They are expected to make efforts to reshape their name since many crypto enthusiasts talk negatively of them from their recent blockade of the crypto donation request of $100,000 which was to be directed to the amazon forest fires fund.

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