Safuu Protocol Announces a Brand New Tesla Model S Giveaway

Safuu Protocol

April 26, 2022

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Safuu Protocol offers the opportunity to win a brand-new Tesla Model S in a giveaway. The decentralized financial start-up is new to the crypto market but is already making waves.

Safuu recently declared that it was providing one of the largest interest-based pay-outs in the industry. It offers users a stupendous interest of 383,025.80 percent. The amount is based on a sustainable fixed interest model through its distinct SAP protocol.

The attractive returns seem not enough for Safuu. To lure more traction, the protocol put forward the Tesla giveaway. The Tesla Model S is rated among the most incredible cars available currently.

How to Enter Safuu’s Giveaway

The brand-new Tesla Model S giveaway celebrates Safuu’s tenth anniversary. Contestants are expected to enter Safuu’s giveaway between May 1 and June 1, 2022. To enter, users have to register and purchase Safuu at the BoggSwap or PancakeSwap sites. After that, the users should hold their Safuu tokens and not sell them throughout May and June 1, 2022.

The decentralized financial start-up explained that every 0.5 Safuu that existing users have in their wallets would be equivalent to 1 ticket in the draw. Safuu bought through the BoggSwap or PancakeSwap during the giveaway period will also be counted. 0.1 of Safuu purchased for new users will be equivalent to one ticket in the draw. All this is in consideration that the Safuu is not touched, sold, or transferred during the tenure. Any sell within the period will disqualify the contestant.

The Prizes to Be Won

Safuu Protocol will select ten lucky winners of the giveaway through a certified selection tool. The first prize is the Tesla Model S, which is currently valued at over $95,000. The second prize is a choice of solid yellow gold Breitling unisex watcrah. The third prize is $20,000 in Safuu, the fourth is $10,000 in Safuu, and the fifth is $5,000 in Safuu. The remaining 6th to 10th prizes will be $1,000 in Safuu.

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