Intruder to Terra LUNA Founder Do Kwon’s House Arrested

Intruder to Terra LUNA Founder Do Kwon’s House Arrested

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Do Kwon’s Front Door

The Terra Luna and UST crash that completely cleared investors’ accounts is the most profound crypto tragedy of 2022. Numerous cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, had $400 million wiped off their value. Stables from Terraform Labs, the LUNA, and the UST wiped plummeted to $0.

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Investor Takes Frustration to Do Kwon’s Front Door

While other investors expressed their frustration online, the previously anonymous intruder took his to Do Kwon’s front door in Seoul, South Korea. The intruder managed to get into Do Kwon’s apartment building and located his exact flat.

Mrs. Kwon was at home when the Perpetrator knocked on the front door. When she opened, the intruder asked, “Is your husband home or has he fled?” The intruder left afterward. Scared for her husband’s life, Mrs. Kwon called the authorities.

It turned out that the intruder was famous crypto YouTuber ‘Chancers.’ Chancers has been a long-time crypto investor in the industry since 2017. Over the years, he claimed to have accumulated a fortune as the value of Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies kept going up.

Chancers the Intruder Only Wanted to Talk

Chancers spoke out that the crypto crash left him feeling like he would die. He said that around $2.4 million of his cryptocurrency was wiped out. He not so subtly stated that he was among the top 1% in terms of finances in South Korea but is now in trouble because of the crash.

Chancers explained that his visit to Do Kwon’s apartment building was only to talk with the Terra LUNA founder. According to the YouTuber, he wanted to understand what mitigation plans Do Kwon was working on to redeem investors. Other than that, there were no other malicious intentions behind the visit.

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