Elon Musk to Launch Twitter Coin – Report

Elon Musk to Launch Twitter Coin – Report

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Elon Musk’s crypto integration on Twitter looks like it’s close to reality as per new reports.

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New Code Shows Twitter is Likely to be Integrating Crypto into the Platform

According to a new code extracted by security researcher Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is likely to be making moves toward integrating crypto into the platform and as well create the company’s native coin called “Twitter Coin”.

The information which was shared on Twitter, although it has now been deleted, included an image of a “Coins” section within Twitter’s “Tips” feature.

According to an interview with the Block, Wong said the code was extracted from a recent version of the microblogging platform Web App.

 “It isn’t rolled out yet; there is little information out there as to what this is exactly,” Wong said in a message, stressing that it remains to be seen if the team is actively working on the crypto integration.

As of press time, Wong’s social media accounts both on Twitter and Linkedin appear to have been deleted.

Recall that Elon Musk before his Twitter takeover had suggested the use of crypto as payment for a Twitter blue subscription. Twitter crypto integration is one event the crypto industry has been anticipating since Elon Musk took over the platform.

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