US Secret Service’s ‘Most Wanted’ List Includes Several Crypto Fraudsters

Crypto Fraudsters

June 25, 2021

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The US secret service is a federal law enforcement agency charged with conducting criminal investigations and protecting US political leaders. Not long ago, the body released a list of the most wanted fugitives in America, which unsurprisingly involved several crypto fraudsters.

The top culprits as presented by the list include the following;
  1. Allan Garcia

The 36-year-old Costarican has been highlighted for allegedly managing the daily operations in the digital currency service, the Liberty Reserve. Under Allan Garcia’s watch, the company grew into a financial hub of cybercrime that saw pass undealt online criminal activity such as credit card fraud, narcotics trafficking, investment fraud, and child pornography.

  1. Danil Potekhin

In collaboration with his colleague Dmitrii Karasavidi, the Russian above launched a phishing strategy that targeted users of common cryptocurrency exchanges. As the Secret Service reports, the two fraudsters were able to withdraw some customers’ assets successfully and likewise manipulate the digital currency markets.

  1. Rashawd Lamar Tulloch

The Secret Service is angled closer to some on the chase of the 33-year-old American that is being accused of playing as a third-party money launderer in defrauding victims millions of dollars. As per the accusations presented, Tulloch ran an operation that converted payments into either Bitcoin or cash.

The Growing Concerns in CryptoCrime

Undeniably so, these recent months have witnessed major economies ban the use of major cryptocurrencies within their territories following the concerns on crypto crime.

There being three crypto-related criminals in the Secret Service’s list is evidence enough that the industry is attention-needing hence the overwhelming government interventions.

Early this month, the department of justice announced that ransomware will, for now on, be evaluated along the same lines as terrorism. This declaration came duly after a high-profile ransomware attack paralyzed operations of the Colonial Pipeline.

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