Russian Soldiers to Receive Over $50K In BTC for Each Tank Handed Over

Russian Soldiers to Receive Over $50K In BTC for Each Tank Handed Over

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Russian Soldiers to Receive Over $50K In BTC

Anonymous, a well-known hacker group, is said to have offered Russian troops bitcoins in exchange for their tanks. According to reports, the gang pays more than $52,000 in BTC for each returning military vehicle.

The Ukrainian side attempted to fight the Russian invasion with weaponry and direct fighting by outnumbering them. Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Deputy PR, announced a few days ago that the government will build a computer army.

“We’re in desperate need of digital talent.” Everyone will be given an assignment. “We’re still fighting on the cyber front,” he said.

Anonymous has also carried out multiple attacks on Russia. In just two days, the group broke into over 300 Russian targets, raising over a billion rubles (roughly $10 million).

Anonymous reportedly promised tank personnel $52,000 in bitcoins for each battle equipment returned in yet another attempt to weaken Russian forces and increase profits. To avoid being identified by the hacking organization, anybody intending to swap such cars for bitcoin must wave a white flag and use the password “million.”

Attempts to Stop Putin

At the end of February, Anonymous declared war on Vladimir Putin. If Russian President Vladimir Putin does not stop invading Ukraine, the organization threatened, he would suffer unprecedented cyberattacks from all across the world.

The EU has implemented a transaction prohibition with the Russian Central Bank to sever the country’s monetary ties with Western Europe.

Similar restrictions have been implemented in the United Kingdom. Russian banks would be barred from the British financial system.

The US has also joined the club by prohibiting a dozen significant public firms from raising funds in the US, including Gazprom, Russia’s largest energy corporation, and Sberbank, the country’s largest banking institution.

Many Russians have turned to cryptocurrency as an alternative financial tool as a result of the embargoes.

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