Crypto Trading Signals For Binance

Crypto trading signals for binance

January 27, 2020

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Crypto trading signals for Binance

Binance is undoubtedly one of the most preferred platforms for traders who wish to trade cryptocurrencies.

Originated by Changpeng Zhao in 2017, Binance is continuously growing and adding new features to its interface so that it facilitates smooth trading and also develops the trust of the trader.

They have been quite successful in their quest and as a result have attracted new traders across the globe, who wish to invest in cryptocurrencies.

With Binance you can get a very wide variety of cryptocurrencies to choose from. With more than 150 cryptocurrencies on its marketplace, you have a chance to study each currency precisely and then work out that which one works the best for you so that you can invest in it.

Cryptocurrency trading on Binance is like any other trading you carry out. Just like the way you invest in a particular stock in the stock market, in the same way, you invest in a specific cryptocurrency through Binance.

Hence, the most essential step in this entire trading process is to invest in the right cryptocurrency or the right stock, which will yield you the highest profit in the shortest time possible.


Crypto trading signals for binance
One advantage you get with trading cryptocurrencies nowadays over all other modes of investments is the fact that they are gaining popularity day by day.

Their prices are going either very high or are crashing down. So, if you trade in the right currency at the right time, then you could end up making a fortune for yourself.

Hence, you have to be very calculated in your decisions and should study the trend of each currency well so that you can end up earning some handsome profits. However, if you fail at doing this then there is also a high possibility of you losing out on your money.

Speaking of calculated risks, Binance has a variety of features that allows its traders to take these calculated risks.

So, if a trade has not worked out well for a trader and he is suffering a loss, then using certain features he could minimize his loss.

One such feature to reduce these losses is by setting up the type of order. If a trader carries out a limit or a stop-limit order, then not only will the trader have enhanced control over his trade, but these orders will also provide the traders with the financial security they need especially when a currency is witnessing rapid rises and falls.

But in this extremely busy world, people find it very hard to take some time out and follow different trends and news related to different cryptocurrencies.

Most people are even not aware of the proper procedure of trading cryptocurrencies. If they sign up to a platform such as Binance or Bitmex they will have difficulty in understanding its interface, they might also require a lot of time and research to just get familiar with different terms in these platforms.

So, they confuse themselves which then leads to two possible outcomes:


  1. People investing in the wrong currency

This happens quite often. People invest in currency only because of the buzz it has generated around itself and its popularity amongst people.

As a result, they end up buying a currency at a much higher price and when the value of the currency goes down again, they end up suffering major losses.

The prime example of this can be the time in 2017 when Bitcoin rose to almost $18,000. Many people during that time became over-ambitious just because of the hype Bitcoin had created.

They ended up investing in Bitcoin but when its value came crashing down to approximately $7000, many people lost their money.


  1. People do not invest at all

The likelihood of this happening is also very high. Firstly, the process of deciding as per on which currency to invest could be quite hectic.

People might develop a belief that since they can’t dedicate enough time researching and studying the appropriate currency, then they will most probably end up failing and losing out on their valuable money.

Secondly, the process of investing in a currency can also highly demotivate them. If someone is new on Binance then terms such as limit-order, market order, stop-limit order could be very confusing for them. So, they might think that trading cryptocurrencies are a very difficult task which they can’t carry out.

So, if we sum up these two outcomes, then we will find out that one of the biggest reasons for people not investing in cryptocurrencies is the fact that they do not have the proper guidance.


Who is a Signal Provider?

Traders do not have someone experienced and intelligent enough to understand the crypto market.

They need someone who can study all the news and trends of different currencies in the market and then draw a conclusion as to investing in which currency could be risky for them and which cryptocurrency would farewell and give them profits.

They will then encourage the traders to invest in that particular currency. This person would also provide his complete guide step by step to new traders so that they can get familiar with the trading platforms and carry out their trading process effectively.

This person instructs people to buy which currency and what will be the best time to sell that currency is known as a “signal provider”.

Hence, the value of a signal provider in this crypto world is extremely essential. Based on his decisions and evaluation of the market, many people will invest in a currency.

So, if a currency does not perform well, then it will also be the responsibility of this signal provider. Hence, a signal provider has a very difficult and complex task in his hands and it’s because of this reason that many signal providers charge traders to provide their guidance.


How do the Signal Providers offer their services?

Most of these signal providers offer their services through different forums. Some providers have the websites that completely describe their services as per what will they offer to the traders that are interested in availing of their services.

But, nowadays one of the most popular ways these experts provide crypto trading signals is through their crypto telegram channels.

Telegram is an application that allows a large number of people to form a group together. People can buy the memberships of these groups and get the services of the signal provider.

According to their crypto trading signals, traders can successfully kickstart their trading careers and start earning money.


Advantages of hiring a Signal Provider

There are some massive advantages that traders get when they are getting trading signals through a signal provider.

The first is that they will not have to spend most of their time researching or studying different currencies.

A signal provider will tell the traders what the right time is to buy a currency and then will also tell what the correct time is to let go off the currency.

As a result, traders will just have to act upon the instructions of the signal provider and then earn some big profits.

Hence, making money through trading on Binance could become your side business as it will not occupy much of your time and will help you secure some big bucks.

The second big advantage is that the traders will not have to worry or stress about their trades. If a competent signal provider is hired, then he will take complete responsibility for his decisions.

However, it is very less likely that a competent signal provider will give wrong instructions. Once a good signal provider is hired then most of the traders need to just follow their commands and relax because most of their trades will be looked after by the guidance of this provider.


The way Signal Providers provide Crypto Trading Signals for Binance

In this section, we will discuss step by step as per how the signal providers provide Crypto trading signals to traders.


  1. Telling them on which cryptocurrency to invest.

Like mentioned earlier, signal providers will carry out complete market analysis and then tell the traders which cryptocurrency to buy.


  1. At what price should they buy the currency.

This is another important step because if a trader is buying a currency at an already high price then the chances are very low that the trader will make a profit out of that trade. Signal providers will tell them about the correct time to buy a currency.

The buying of cryptocurrencies at your price is even more simplified by Binance. Binance has a type of order known as the limit order.

In this order, you can set up a price at which you are looking to buy the currency. This is known as the buying limit.

When a particular cryptocurrency reaches this limit, traders will end up buying that cryptocurrency at the limit price or a price lower than that.


  1. At what price should they sell the currency.

Signal providers also tell about the right time to sell the currency and secure the profits. The timing of selling is also extremely important in cryptocurrencies, especially because of the fluctuations in their prices.

This step is also made easy because of Binance’s limit order. Here as well the traders can set up a price at which they want to sell their cryptocurrency.

This is known as the selling limit. When a particular cryptocurrency reaches this limit, traders will end up selling the shares of their currency at the limit price or a price higher than that.


  1. If a trade doesn’t go well then how to reduce your losses

When you invest in a cryptocurrency, then no matter how much research you do about it there is a slight possibility of the trade not going according to the signal provider’s plan and the traders having to suffer some losses. But a good signal provider can help you reduce these losses.

On Binance there is another type of order called “stop-loss”. A stop-loss order allows traders to purchase or let go of their crypto possessions after the price has exceeded a certain standpoint.

Through the stop-loss system, you can leave your possessions automatically. As a result of this system, you can reduce your losses, which would not have been possible before.

Hence, this stop-loss mechanism has provided a huge boost in the crypto trading world as it will not just reduce losses but will also provide traders the financial security, they need to carry out their trade.

Once the traders can understand this mechanism, they will be highly motivated to come back for more.


But, where to find the best team of crypto signal providers?

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies but don’t know from where to start or on which currency to invest in, then this might also be your question.

But, guess what?

It’s your lucky day because we are the best at this job and are just the people you need to kickstart your trading career!



My Crypto Paradise is one of the most successful teams in providing traders the best trading signals.


What makes us so special?

We have numerous traits that not just differentiate us from other signal providers but also help our traders in making some very good profits.

We have a hybrid set of market indicators and also risk strategies that ensure that our traders get high profits with low risk.

Our traders review each crypto signal for accuracy before sharing it with our traders. Some of our traits include:

Crypto signals for Binance


  • We are highly experienced

We have been extremely active in the crypto world for around 5 years! First, we began our journey as traders and were extremely successful.

As a result, we decided to pass our knowledge and expertise to other traders as well so that they can also benefit from crypto trading and be as successful as us.

It is because of our experience in this field that we have developed a deep understanding of the Crypto markets and how to get profits out of them.


  • We have a team of 4 signal providers!

This is another massive advantage as we have not just 1 but 4 extremely successful Crypto traders.

As a result, the signals we will provide will not be based on just 1 trader but all 4 of our traders will study and analyze the market very closely and then provide their signals on which cryptocurrency to trade or not.

All our traders are up to date with the latest news about different currencies in the market, which helps them in deciding that what is the correct time to buy a currency and then what is the correct time to sell it.

Moreover, Our Traders are strategically positioned in different parts of the world. This allows us to keep a very watchful eye on all the live markets around the clock.


  • We are well familiar with other trading platforms as well.

With us, another advantage is that we are not just confined to Binance but are also well-versed to provide our guidance on other trading platforms as well. These platforms include bitmex and bybit.

Hence, our traders can choose the platform which works out the best for them and then we can provide our guidance over that particular platform.


How do we offer our Crypto Trading Signals for Binance Service?

We offer our services through our telegram groups. Due to our extremely successful trades, we have been able to take our groups to over a thousand members. We are continuously growing and every day more than 100 new traders are becoming a part of our Crypto trading groups.

We have free telegram groups, as well as our VIP groups for which traders will have to pay. Our free groups are at the basic level while the members of our VIP groups will receive some massive benefits.


Crypto Trading Signals for Binance: What do our free groups offer?

With our free telegram groups, you can get a complete guide that will help you to begin your trading career. You can also enjoy some free signals through are free groups. Furthermore, you will get a complete market analysis and proven results from our pros.

Our free groups also provide people with a trailer as to how our VIP group looks like! Because our VIP Paradise Family is the bigger part of the picture in terms of what it offers!


If you take our VIP membership and become a member of our Paradise Family then you will get some huge benefits, these include:


  1. A complete market analysis!



You will not have to sit in front of a PC for 24 hours and be worried or stressed as per what to do. Our Paradise Team constantly watches over the crypto markets.

Our crypto trading signals are based on technical and fundamental analysis of the market in addition to our proprietary AI-based algorithms.

This unique combination of analytics provides our Paradise Family VIP members with well-timed trading signals just before a major price action happens on the best cryptocurrencies.

Every detail is checked closely and precisely which could affect the trend in a particular cryptocurrency.


  1. Trading Signals every day!

As our Paradise Family VIP member, you will get trading signals every day.

We will share with you our buy zone – that is where we are accumulating the coin, sell targets – where we are starting to sell our position and our stop loss in case the trade would turn against us, we are securing our money by tight stop loss.

Low-risk high reward strategy that is our daily bread.


  1. Your own personal Coach

You will also get your coach, who will be available 24/7 for you on chat or phone. As our VIP member, you will also get a 30-minute introduction call with one of our crypto experts.


  1. Extremely Friendly Customer Service

Our team is committed to delivering the best support which fulfills all your trading needs. My Crypto Paradise aims to set a new standard of excellence in Cryptocurrency Trading.

Whenever you have a query, your coach will always be available to answer all your questions on the chat or you can also call your coach anytime without hesitation.


  1. An exclusive VIP Chatroom

The Paradise Team and VIP members are here to help each other and will also share their trading experiences.

You can join the Paradise Family Chat to get the best possible guidance from one of the best crypto communities on the planet!


Will buying our VIP membership help you earn money?



We have been providing and publicly sharing our own crypto trading signals for a while now. As a result of our successful trading signals, our community of happy VIP clients has grown at a very rapid pace.

Many of our traders have become so successful together with us that they have earned a huge sum of money just by sitting in their homes and following exactly what we have been doing.

We are so confident in our product that at this point we can even guarantee your satisfaction. In our happy clients’ section, you can see some of the most valuable feedback that our members have given us.

Perhaps, one of the biggest reasons we have grown to be such a big community is because our happy clients have referred and promoted our services to other traders.

Positive feedback from our clients is the fuel that keeps us running. It motivates us and helps us to continuously do what we love doing.


Become a member of our VIP Paradise Family today!

So, if you are looking to start your trading career but don’t have any idea as per from where to begin or on which currency to invest and what to do, then become a member of our Paradise Family VIP to kickstart your trading career, we will share our own portfolio, our own daily market analysis, daily insights, daily trading signals with you for entertainment purposes !


Hope you have learned more about Crypto Trading Signals For Binance. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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