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7 years in the crypto trading business. A combined experience of over 35 years in trading traditional markets. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to trade with the absolute best.

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The people behind MyCryptoParadise

Nathan, Simon, Robin and Jack. We are a team of four traders with elite technical and fundamental analysis expertise who used to work together in a hedge fund company in Central London.

We have been trading and running MyCryptoParadise together since 2016. And our ParadiseFamilyVIP members started to call us the ParadiseTeam.
With a combined experience of over 35 years in trading traditional markets on a daily basis and 7 years of experience in trading cryptocurrencies, we have developed a deep understanding of the markets and how to trade them profitably. Everything is connected in crypto, and if you want to do it properly, you need to be consistently watching the markets, putting the pieces together like a puzzle and strategizing like a game of chess. 
But nowadays there are countless of “so-called” traders and crypto gurus, telegram channels, discord groups and social media influencers who are using all the power they have to sell you the idea that you can get rich quickly with crypto. And yes, you can! But only if you are really lucky. 
We can not promise to make someone rich overnight, but we will ensure that your capital stays safe. In MyCryptoParadise, we believe in consistency. And instead of luck, we play with probabilities. 
If you have ever been in some other crypto trading group which gives crypto signals where they exactly tell you their entry zone, sell targets and stop loss (not just trading ideas), you have almost certainly experienced that they use many entries (so they mess up the position sizing and you end up taking profits with less capital than stop losses), tiny first take profit targets, wide-stop losses (very widely positioned from the entry), and fundamentally corrupt trade setups (pump and dump, uncatchable breakouts/breakdowns and others…) 
These people don’t care about who will win or lose and how much. They don’t care about educating people on how to trade professionally. They also don’t care about portfolio management, R:R strategies, adaptation to market cycles and other stuff which makes traders truly successful long-term, whether bear or bull. 
Because of that, their members lose money and then blame manipulated crypto markets, not actually the “traders” who failed to lead them properly. 
We got tired of listening to all these tearful stories from people being frustrated and unable to stay profitable long-term. 
We wanted to change this, so we started MyCryptoParadise. 
The key and most significant reward for us is the positive feedbacks and thankful messages we receive from our ParadiseFamilyVIP and sometimes also FREE members. This is why years ago we started doing what we do and we managed to connect the two things we love to do every day the most: trading + building new successful professional traders.
We wanted to share our knowledge and success so that others could also experience the growth with us and understand that with the right mindset, strategy and skill, it is really possible to achieve exactly what you want!