Bitcoin Core developer quits after 8 Years of Service

Bitcoin Core developer quits after 8 Years of Service

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core developer Jonas Schnelli

Bitcoin core developer Jonas Schnelli has announced his departure from the leading cryptocurrency development team.

Eight Years is enough for Jonas

In a Twitter thread, Jonas states that while his ride at Bitcoin was amazing, it was his time to move on. Jonas is stepping down as Bitcoin’s core developer and maintainer. Jonas started as a contributor in 2013 and upgraded to a full-time maintainer in 2015.

In January 2021, mining company Marathon Patent Group, which is listed on NASDAQ allocated $96,000 to core developer Jonas. The funding was after withdrawal by Bitmain in December.

Eight years of service seem enough for core developer Jonas Schnelli. In his departure message, the ex-Bitcoin core developer said that many experienced and skilled individuals had joined the team over the years so even in his absence, the Bitcoin project will be in the best possible hands.

The Bitcoin Core project holds the main software which manages Bitcoin nodes. It is a direct offspring of the original Bitcoin software created by its founder Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The Bitcoin Core project is open-source software. In this case, anyone can choose to contribute.

Jonas Advises Future Developers Joining Bitcoin to Maintain Anonymity

The reason behind Jonas’s departure is not only for elevation to the next step in life. The core developer attributed the high legal risks associated with writing code for Bitcoin. He advised that developers who will be joining the project should do so on an anonymous basis.

Ex-Bitcoin core developer Jonas plans to remain active in the cryptocurrency community and continue “criticizing noisy bullies”. He however clarified that he would not be starting at a new position or joining any projects lest the competitive currencies try to snatch him out of unemployment. Jonas will be taking time off in the next few months.

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