Account Management

Account Management


If you do not have a time for trading, our trading system can manage your account for you.

Through your exchange API keys our system has access to your account on specific exchange and can open the positions for you. It is 100% secure. It can only be purchased with one of the VIP daily signals memberships. More info below.


What happens after my payment?

Upon payment you will receive an email with your order ID and Telegram contact for your assigned crypto expert, They will have an introductory call with you at your convenience and give you access to our ParadiseFamilyVIP private channel on Telegram, in line with the membership plan you will choosen.

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With your VIP subscription for Binance & Bittrex or VIP Bitmex, you can purchase an extra service API auto trading.
What does it do, you may ask?
Well, it is an automated software which we developed, and it allows you to sit back and without any effort gain profit from our trading signals. It is basically an auto trading bot, which grabs the signals from our VIP room and automatically opens the positions on your account. It also automatically sets up stop loss and activates trailing stop loss and trailing take profit by our paradise team configurations. We call this service Account Management, because the "bot" manages your account for you, and you can relax and have the best passive income you can find.

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