How to Convert a Ledger Nano to Binance Smart Chain

How to Convert a Ledger Nano to Binance Smart Chain

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One major challenge faced in cryptocurrency is security and the threat of hackers. All transactions are carried out digitally and are susceptible to hacking. The decentralized nature of crypto ensures that everyone has access to transaction info as it is public, but no one can trace it. This means that if your crypto gets hacked from your wallet or an exchange, it is almost impossible to get the crypto back. For this reason, users are always advised not to share the private keys of their crypto wallets with anyone.

Regardless of this, there are still concerns over hacking in the crypto space after some notable attacks in recent times. Thus, some users prefer using offline crypto wallets to store and secure their crypto. One of such wallets is Nano Ledger. There are two main types of Nano ledgers; Nano ledger X and S. Both are cold wallets that ensure that your crypto is safe from hackers by never connecting to the internet to preserve your private keys. Cold storage wallets refer to a means of keeping your crypto offline for safety reasons. These wallets are also compatible with various blockchains; one of such is Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Thus, this article will explain how to connect your Nano Ledger to BSC. But ensure that you have MetaMask installed on your browser. Then, download Ledger Live.

What is a Nano Ledger?

Nano Ledgers are one of the most secure means of storing cryptocurrency. They are cold storage hardware wallets that prevent private keys from being connected to the internet to prevent your wallets from being hacked.

There are two main types; Nano Ledger X and Nano Ledger S, both of which are cold hardware storages for crypto. Nano Ledger is only connected to a computer through a USB cable to facilitate transactions and manage the coins stored in the wallet. Users can connect through the Ledger live app or the MetaMask on the browser.

Cold storage hardware devices refer to offline wallets used to store crypto and private keys. They ensure that hackers do not have unpermitted access to your private keys by keeping them away from the internet. But, essentially, one still needs to physically keep the Nano Ledger safe and have a backup for your private keys in case of loss.

How to Convert your Nano Ledger to Binance Smart Chain

Nano Ledger is highly compatible with numerous blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC). But there are processes you need to follow to activate the use of your Nano Ledger on BSC.

To do this, you need to have a Ledger Live app downloaded on your phone or desktop. Then, go ahead to fully set up your Ledger live app and sign up or log in. After this, launch your Ledger Live app and connect the Ledger wallet via USB.

The next step is to check under the ‘Account tab’. Click on ‘Add Account’ to add another blockchain network to the Ledger. Then, select ‘Binance Smart Chain’ and continue.

The above step creates a BSC account for you in the Ledger Live app. Then, you can move on to the ‘Receive tab” to get your crypto. In the “Receive” tab, ensure you select your BSC account before clicking on continue.

After this, on the little screen in your Nano Ledger device, your Binance Smart Chain address will show, and it will also show on the Ledger Live app. You must crosscheck that the address on the ledger device and Ledger live app are the same before you click continue.

So, you crosscheck the address and select ‘confirm’. Nano Ledger is compatible with any BEP-20 token once you connect it to BSC. And although these tokens might not display initially, they are safe in your Ledger.


In summary, having a physical Nano Ledger is a very secure means of safeguarding your cryptocurrency. All you need to do is ensure that the hardware is kept safe and that you have a backup for your private keys. With Nano ledgers, you do not need to always connect your Ledger to make a deposit. You can simply send crypto to the wallet address, hodl and plug via USB when you want to trade, stake or sell.

Connecting Nano Ledger to BSC is quite simple, as we have discussed above.

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