May 5, 2022

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Did you Ape it⁉️

  • Yello, ladies and gents🚬😎🥃

💎You got around 16% UP on APE since our last FREE analysis; congrats🍾

💎As you can see in our chart from ~2 days ago, we correctly expected APE to move further down to its support zone to fill the hidden buy orders and then move up; the price action followed our idea perfectly.

💎Also, shout out to our ParadiseFamilyVIP members. They have been waiting to buy APE at the best Risk/Reward position possible where stop loss could be placed as tight as the market allowed and sell targets as high as the market makers let us. We have been waiting for multiple confirmations, so the probability of this trade to succeed is above 80%, and we entered the trade long enough before the pump happened so everyone could get in smoothly, with a retest of the support (blue) line, which you can see in our result channel👉https://t.me/MyBinanceResults/6342

💎As you know from our news channel Elon Musk was playing with the APE liquidity today, making it difficult for latecomers👉https://t.me/MyCryptoParadiseNews/1243

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