What is Curve Finance?

What is Curve Finance?

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Despite launching in January last year, Curve finance is quickly becoming a household name in the DeFi space. Curve Finance is one of the most popular platforms in DeFi today thanks to its features, decentralized autonomous government, and the way it handles things. Find out how Curve Finance is disrupting the DeFi space as it replaces popular names like Uniswap, Balancer, and more thanks to its highly efficient way of exchanging tokens and running an AMM.

What is Curve Finance?

Curve is an AMM platform similar to Uniswap and Balancer. However, it differs from other AMM platforms because it only accepts liquidity pools made up of similar-behaving assets like stablecoins or wrapped versions of comparable assets like wBTC and tBTC. This technique allows Curve to employ better and efficient algorithms, as well as have the lowest fees, slippage, and risk of loss out of any decentralized exchange (DEX) in the market.

Curve FInance is a decentralized liquidity aggregator where anyone on the platform can add their assets to diverse liquidity pools and earn fees. Currently, there are only 17 Curve pools available to swap between various stablecoins and assets. Note that the number is based on market demand and the state of the DeFi space, and it is prone to change with respect to that. Some of the more popular stablecoin supported by the platform include USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, TUSD, sUSD, and more.

How does Curve Finance Work?

To understand how Curve Finance works, we need to understand how Automatic Market Makers work. In contrast to traditional market makers who trade directly between buyers and sellers, automated market makers provide a platform for digital assets to be exchanged freely and automatically without the need for human involvement or oversight.

Liquidity pools are nothing more than a way for users to pool their tokens together. A mathematical algorithm determines the pricing of the tokens in a liquidity pool, which is supplied by users. With a little adjustment and tweaking, users can tailor liquidity pools to meet a variety of needs.

A liquidity provider may be anybody who has access to the internet and a modest number of ERC-20 tokens, as long as they make their tokens available to an AMM’s liquidity pool. Since users or liquidity providers are offering their assets to an open market, liquidity providers typically earn fees from traders who use the liquidity pool.

Curve was created in 2020 with the goal of producing a low-fee AMM exchange for traders and while providing efficient fiat savings accounts for liquidity providers.Curve, by focusing on  stablecoins, enables investors to escape the volatility of cryptocurrency assets while earning high interest rates via lending protocols. When compared to other AMM platforms, the Curve model is considerably more conservative since it greatly reduces volatility and speculation in favour of stability and predictability. Liquidity pools in alternative investment markets (AMMs) such as Curve Finance are always attempting to purchase cheap and sell high.

On AMMs like Curve FInance, liquidity pools are continually trying to buy low and sell high. For example, if you were to sell DAI on curve, you would trigger a series of events. These events would include adding more DAI to the pool. By adding more DAI to the pool, the pool would become unbalanced, which triggers the pool to sell DAI at a slight discount compared to the asset it’s pegged to maintain balance.

By selling DAI at a slight discount, the pool is trying to rebalance the pool by restoring itself to its original state. Since assets on Curve are stable, trading between them causes very little volatility in contrast to other AMM liquidity pools. Curve, in contrast to Uniswap and Balancer, whose liquidity pools tend to have very high volatility, restricts the number of pools and the kinds of assets in each pool, resulting in a reduction in impermanent loss and a reduction in trading costs.

What are CRV Tokens?

The Curve protocol began its journey toward decentralized governance in August 2020 by launching its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to coordinate protocol modifications. The majority of DAOs are governed by governance tokens, which grant token holders voting rights. The CRV token is in charge of the Curve DAO in this situation.

You can either buy The CRV token or earn it through yield farming, which involves depositing assets into a liquidity pool in exchange for tokens. You can earn CRV tokens in addition to fees and interest by contributing DAI to an authorized Curve liquidity pool.By yield farming the CRV token, you may enhance your incentives to become a Curve liquidity provider by acquiring not just monetary assets but also ownership of a highly powerful DeFi system.

CRV tokens allow anyone to lock their tokens and propose updates to the protocol. Updates can be anything from changing the fees to changing where the fees go, to creating new liquidity pools, to adjusting yield farming rewards. Token holders can reject or accept new proposals by simply locking their tokens and gaining voting power in return.

Curve is one of the most popular DeFi systems due to its emphasis on stability and composability above volatility and speculation. It is an interconnected hub of the DeFi ecosystem due to its modular components, and it is a completely decentralized organization that belongs to its users due to the CRV token serving as a governance mechanism.


It’s no secret that Curve is a popular AMM on Ethereum. Curve Finance enables non-custodial high-volume stablecoin trades with low slippage and narrow spreads. What’s more, is with an increasing number of blockchain protocols relying on the platform, Curve Finance is at the center of the DeFi ecosystem.

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