Trust Wallet or MetaMask, which is the best for you?

Trust Wallet or MetaMask, which is the best for you?

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DeFi (decentralized finance) wallets are essential for creating an intuitive, secure, and accessible DeFi ecosystem. The popularity of decentralized crypto wallets is increasing, and users have a variety of options to choose from. MetaMask and Trust Wallet are two popular crypto wallets in this space so which wallet is better for DeFi?

Although both wallets have the same primary function for the vast number of tokens built on blockchain, there are notable differences between them. MetaMask only supports tokens and cryptocurrencies built on Ethereum’s blockchain, while Trust Wallet allows for storage and interaction with assets on multiple blockchains, making it the more versatile option of the two.

An Overview of MetaMask

The MetaMask Wallet is a popular application within the Ethereum ecosystem due to its simplicity and user-friendly design. It aims to provide a hassle-free storage solution for Ethereum-based crypto assets, eliminating the need for centralized custody, which can be risky for users.

ConsenSys founded MetaMask in 2016, and it later developed its mobile app in 2019. This wallet is non-custodial, meaning that the private keys associated with the tokens stored in the wallet are stored on the user’s device, ensuring that users have complete control over their funds. Additionally, it interacts directly with the Ethereum network without intermediaries. Upon installation, users receive a file containing private keys encoded into a seed phrase, providing an extra layer of security.

MetaMask benefits include, such as being open-source and non-custodial, making it easy to use and supporting all tokens on Ethereum. It is also available on popular browsers, making it convenient for users. However, it is worth noting that MetaMask is a hot wallet, meaning that it is connected to the internet, which can pose a security risk. Additionally, it can be called Mobile wallet for Ethereum since it only supports Ethereum’s blockchain, so users cannot store other cryptocurrencies.

An overview of TrustWallet

Trust Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency wallet, created in 2017 by Viktor Radchenko, a software developer based in the US. Like MetaMask, it is a Web 3.0 wallet that supports a range of tokens and digital assets built on Ethereum’s ecosystem and beyond. The wallet is non-custodial and has a mobile app, and it supports over 100,000 digital assets.

The private keys in Trust Wallet are saved on the user’s device, and all transactions occur directly through interactions with the supported blockchains, without any third parties involved. This makes it a highly secure option for storing and managing cryptocurrency.

Trust Wallet features such as the ability to stake coins like Binance Coin, Kava, and Cosmos to earn interest, as well as options to buy cryptocurrency directly within the wallet. It also supports NFTs and in-browser dApps.

Some of the pros of Trust Wallet include its support for ERC20 and ERC 223 tokens, its non-custodial nature, and its convenience as a mobile app. Additionally, the wallet is encrypted for added security. On the other hand, it may not be the best option for storing large amounts of cryptocurrency, and it is still not as well-known as some other wallets.

Overall, Trust Wallet is considered a Crypto wallet for beginners and is a well-respected multi-crypto wallet that was launched as an open-source project.

Comparison between Metamask and Trustwallet

  • Both Trust Wallet and MetaMask provide beginner-friendly user interfaces, making it easy to set up and use their wallets. MetaMask, for example, can be set up in just a few steps by downloading the browser extension and configuring it. Similarly, Trust Wallet is also simple to use and offers a mobile app that can be used on both iOS and Android devices.
  • Comparison of Metamask and Trust Wallet security both MetaMask and Trust Wallet offer secure storage of cryptocurrencies and tokens. Both platforms support security practices that prevent vulnerabilities such as phishing attacks and seed phrase hacking. Unlike most centralized custody solutions, Trust Wallet and MetaMask do not store user data and therefore do not support 2FA.
  • When it comes to fees, MetaMask does not charge any additional fees apart from gas fees for transactions. Trust Wallet is also free to use and does not charge any fees or subscription charges.
  • In terms of supported cryptocurrencies, both Trust Wallet and MetaMask support a range of cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum ecosystem. However, Trust Wallet supports all ERC20 tokens as well as thousands of other assets spread across 33 supported blockchains, giving it an edge. On the other hand, MetaMask only supports Ethereum-based tokens, and the only way to store Bitcoin or foreign tokens is through wrapped derivatives such as WBTC.
  • Trust Wallet’s standout feature is its support for multiple blockchains and the storage of 250,000 digital assets. The wallet also has a built-in exchange feature that allows users to instantly exchange tokens or even buy crypto with a card. MetaMask’s most outstanding feature is its intuitive user interface, making it easy to use decentralized applications across the Ethereum ecosystem. However, it is limited to Ethereum, and users need to connect to a DeX to swap tokens.


There are many DeFi wallets available, giving users plenty of options to choose from based on the features they prioritize in a crypto wallet. Although MetaMask has been available for a longer time and has a dedicated following, Trust Wallet is quickly gaining popularity among users who prefer a non-custodial wallet that supports more blockchains and offers greater flexibility. While both wallets are user-friendly, Trust Wallet stands out for its integration with other cryptocurrencies and third-party exchanges.

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