Triple Top Pattern Trading Strategy: All you Need to Know

Triple Top Pattern Trading Strategy: All you Need to Know

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Technical analysis is a widely used approach in trading and investing, aiming to predict future price movements based on historical market data. Among the various tools and patterns used in technical analysis, the triple top pattern holds a prominent place. This pattern is a bearish reversal formation that provides traders with valuable insights into potential market reversals. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the triple top pattern, exploring its characteristics, identification process, and the significance it holds for traders.

What is the Triple Top Pattern?

Typical Triple Top Pattern

The triple top pattern is a bearish reversal pattern that occurs when an asset’s price reaches a specific resistance level three times, failing to break above it. This formation signifies a shift in market sentiment from bullish to bearish, indicating that buyers are losing strength, and sellers are gaining control.

The pattern consists of three distinct peaks, with the middle peak being the highest. These peaks are separated by two reaction lows, forming a pattern that resembles three consecutive peaks on a price chart. Each peak should ideally reach a similar price level, creating a horizontal resistance zone that traders can observe.

Identifying the Triple Top Pattern

Identifying this pattern requires a keen eye and attention to detail. Here are the key steps to recognize this pattern:

Chart Analysis: Start by analyzing historical price charts of the asset in question. Look for a series of three prominent peaks that are relatively equal in height, forming a horizontal resistance level.

Resistance Level: Identify the resistance level by drawing a horizontal line connecting the reaction highs. This level acts as a significant barrier that the price fails to breach.

Confirmation: To confirm the pattern, observe the reaction lows between the three peaks. These lows should create a support level, typically at or near the same level. This support level further strengthens the significance of the triple top pattern.

Volume: Pay attention to the volume patterns during the formation of the pattern. Generally, volume tends to diminish as the pattern progresses, indicating a lack of buying interest and potential weakness in the market.

Top Crypto Signals: How to Trade Triple Top Pattern

Triple top reversal

It is important to make sure that the following method is used as a guide for successful trading. 

Bearish Reversal Signal: The triple top pattern suggests a shift in market sentiment from bullish to bearish. It signifies that the buyers’ efforts to push the price higher have consistently failed, allowing sellers to gain control. Traders interpret this pattern as a signal to sell or take short positions, expecting the price to decline.

Resistance Level: The resistance level formed becomes a critical reference point for traders. It represents a level where selling pressure outweighs buying pressure consistently. Traders often set their stop-loss orders above this level to manage risk effectively.

Price Target: This pattern provides a price target for the anticipated downward move. To estimate the target, measure the vertical distance between the resistance level and the reaction lows, and project it downward from the breakout point. This projected distance represents the potential decline in price.

Limitations to Note and Considerations When Trading Triple Top Pattern

While the triple top pattern can be a powerful tool, it is essential to consider its limitations:

Subjectivity: Identifying the triple top pattern requires subjective analysis and interpretation. Different traders may have varying opinions on the validity and significance of the pattern, leading to potential discrepancies in trading strategies.

Market Conditions: Market conditions can influence the reliability of the triple top pattern. In trending markets, where prices are consistently making higher highs, the pattern may not be as significant. Crypto traders should consider the broader market context and use the pattern in conjunction with other analysis tools.

How to Set up Entry, Stop Loss, and Take Profits When Trading Triple Top

Triple top entry

When trading this pattern, setting up the entry, stop loss, and trade profits involves careful consideration of the pattern’s characteristics and individual trading preferences. Here’s a general approach to setting up these parameters:

Entry Point

   – The entry point for a triple top pattern typically occurs when the price breaks below the support level, which is formed by the reaction lows between the three peaks.

   – Traders may wait for a confirmed breakdown below the support level before entering the trade to increase the reliability of the pattern.

   – Some traders might choose to enter the trade as soon as the third peak is formed, anticipating the subsequent breakdown. However, this approach carries a higher risk of false signals.

Stop Loss

   – The stop loss is a predetermined level at which a trader exits the trade to limit potential losses if the trade goes against them.

   – One common approach is to place the stop loss slightly above the pattern’s highest peak or the last reaction high before the breakdown. This helps to protect against potential false breakouts.

   – Traders may also consider incorporating additional factors, such as volatility, to determine an appropriate stop loss level. A wider stop loss may be used in more volatile markets to avoid premature exits.

Trade Profit Targets

   – Setting profit targets involves identifying potential price levels where traders anticipate the price to reach based on the pattern’s projected downward move.

   – One approach is to measure the pattern’s height (vertical distance) from the support level to the highest peak and project it downward from the breakdown point. This projected distance can serve as a target for potential profit-taking.

   – Traders may also consider other factors such as key support levels, Fibonacci retracement levels, or previous price structure to determine potential profit targets.

   – It is advisable to set multiple profit targets and adjust them as the trade progresses. This allows traders to secure partial profits at different levels or trail the stop loss to protect gains.

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What are the Probabilities that Triple Top Pattern will Result in Profits?

The following conditions will usually increase the chances of making profits:  

Trade Frequency: If the pattern occurs frequently and consistently generates profitable trades, it may increase the overall profitability of a trading strategy. However, if the pattern is rare, traders may need to exercise patience and wait for suitable opportunities.

Market Liquidity: In highly liquid markets with ample trading volume, it may be easier to execute trades at desired prices. On the other hand, in illiquid markets, traders may face challenges with slippage and obtaining favorable entry and exit points, potentially affecting profitability.

Market Understanding: Pay attention to factors such as key support and resistance levels, and overall trend direction. The triple top pattern formed near a major resistance area will most likely result in a bearish move if the general market trend is bearish. In a bullish market, however, other indicators may be needed to point to a favorable direction. 


The triple top pattern is a widely recognized formation in technical analysis that offers valuable insights into potential bearish reversals. Traders can use this pattern to identify key resistance levels, anticipate price targets, and make informed trading decisions. However, it is crucial to understand the limitations and consider the broader market context when using this pattern. By combining the triple top pattern with other technical indicators and risk management strategies, traders can enhance their trading accuracy and effectiveness in the dynamic world of financial markets.

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