Top 5 Best Crypto Trading Signal Provider

Top 5 Best Crypto Trading Signal Provider

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Crypto veteran traders, as well as the newbies, would agree with me that, finding the best crypto signal providers for the most secure crypto trading is often not a walk in the park, therefore, traders prefer the crypto signal providers with an appreciable number of subscribers and with a consistent track record of higher profitability margin over its time of existence. As an enthusiastic crypto trader, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Mycryptoparadise has got your back; In this article, we shall reveal top and most reliable signal providers that may either be paid or free in today’s crypto market.

Before we proceed, let’s take a fresh look at what crypto signals are; In simple words, Crypto signal is the prediction on the increase or decrease in the value of a given crypto coin in the market that harbours the propensity of yielding profits in appreciable quantities to the subscribers. The best crypto signals are generated by crypto experts through thorough evaluations of the market trend and its recent achievements in crypto signals trading.


Kindly do note that there can never be a 100 per cent accuracy on the evaluation done on the market. This is as a result of the unpredictability, volatility, and the abrupt alterations that happen in a spur of a second of the bitcoins. Thus, it is crucial to understand that the crypto signals are based on the experts’ points of view based on their technical crypto market analyses. Now that having been said let’s have a look at the top signal providers in the market.

  1. Mycryptoparadise

I write these remarks as an independent trader who has used crypto signals from different providers, not as an insider who just wants to market mcryptoparadise signals.

 A few things I like about cryptoparadise team of expert is the level of specialization when it comes predicting both Binance signals and BitMEX signals. They are reliable and with an accuracy of up to 95% of all its predictions. To witness this magic of consistent profit that comes along with mycryptoparadise indicators, you simply need to subscribe to its dedicated VIP telegram crypto calls for reliable and worldwide leading signals.

  1. Crypto Classic

Crypto Classic is another crypto signal provider that traders shouldn’t look down upon. This is because most of its crypto experts have been working in the New York stock exchange where they draw their consistent predictions based on technical analytical evaluations on the crypto signals over several years now. Crypto classic so far has the highest number of subscribers in telegram account and this is based on their consistent results that are presented in a simple language that is easily understood even by the crypto newbies traders.

  1. InforCrypto

Despite it being in the market for a shorter time, it has gained a significant number of subscribers since it has been publishing reliable information on the crypto deals. They are known for providing more than just crypto trading signals to their subscribers. Some of the advantage Infocrypto has over others include auto intelligent trading bots that work 24/7 to provide reliable crypto signals. Besides, any news regarding the information on bitcoins trade is always real-time provided within this channel. Therefore, with this signal provider, you should expect more than just the analytics for the market trends.

  1. Best crypto Trades

One of the best channels for finding crypto trades especially for BitMex signals and Binance signals. In their last 90 days of published forecast, they have been unrivalled by any of their parallel traders. This is because of their reliability and consistency which has earned them an appreciable number of subscribers. From their recent report, they stated that the 500 published forecasts, had 150 of them yielding up to 200 % profit while the rest were not exhaustively looked at. That means the subscribers were satisfied with their predictions which were a great move.

  1. Fat signals

Just like Mycryptoparadise, fat signals are among the top signal providers that deal with BitMex and Binance signals. This signal provider has the highest positive review since there are minimal complaints from its subscribers. The positive feedback is an indication of satisfaction of their subscribers and thus the reason to trust their signals as a reliable source of success to many crypto traders.

Final thoughts

Success is hard to come by in all aspects of life unless planned for, even in crypto space, not every person is successful and this doesn’t add weight to the myth that success is limited to a certain class of individuals. I would firmly say that success in crypto trading depends on the type of crypto signal provider you chose to subscribe to. Now, choose the best crypto signal provider in the above list and thank me later. Remember success is not an accident but an outcome of investment choices we make every day.

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M Sus
M Sus
3 years ago

I feel like this topic has been written on already. Or how many times will we see best trading signal providers etc? Is this list based on performance because soon, probably the top 30 crypto signals would have been covered. Just saying

3 years ago
Reply to  M Sus

I’m pretty sure this idea is self explanatory. You could see this as an update to the previous similar posts. Two, that’s what they are similar but not the same. Some may be for Telegram, Paid, Signal Groups, Binance related etc. Ensure to pick out the differences

3 years ago


3 years ago


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