Kanye West’s opinion on Bitcoin during Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

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October 25, 2020

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On 24th October, Kanye West, a renowned Grammy award-winning rapper, made headlines across social media platforms and popular news outlets regarding a three-hour podcast interview with Joe Rogan. The topic of discussion being Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies got the attention of most crypto enthusiastic, probably because Joe Rogan Experience aired is a well-known American podcast brand with many followers.

Kanye West discusses Bitcoin

Kanye took three hours on Joe Rogan’s world-famous podcast; many topics were discussed, especially credit cards and cash. Interestingly, Crypto assets and Bitcoin were also among the subjects that entered the combo.

The rapper had talked last about Bitcoin in 2018 in an interview with Charlamagne, an American radio presenter. He said he sees Bitcoin as a value storage financial technology equivalent to gold. During the interview with Rogan, Kanye said that he has been discussing Bitcoin and crypto with his friends. He added that the discussion was to prepare him for the Rogan interview. As he knew, Joe Rogan is a crypto veteran who has hosted several cryptocurrency veterans on previous podcasts. In fact, he has hosted some key figures in the industry, including Jack Dorsey, the Twitter CEO, and Chairperson Square.

West expressed his joy when he realized that Bitcoin proponents are aware that cryptocurrency is meant to liberate Americans and the world from the hands of centralized authorities and third parties in the Fintech industry.

In the mid of the talk, Kenye West was delighted about some of his close friends, including Elon Musk; currently, the CEO at tech giant companies SpaceX and Tesla, to be a supporter of digital currency, mainly Bitcoin. In one of Elon’s statement, he termed the cryptocurrency idea being “brilliant.” In other comments, he mentions cryptocurrency will shield global economies from inflation as no excess printing of the US dollar and other fiat monies.


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