Food delivery service started accepting bitcoin in France

just eat

September 10, 2020

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In an attempt to combat the spread of novel coronavirus, going cashless would be a good arsenal to start with. Having in mind that there has been a drastic increase in demand for delivery services in support for social distancing and self-quarantine alongside lockdown measures. To win over this common enemy the world is uniting by adopting cryptocurrencies as a safer way upon which non-contact payment is possible. To embracing the cashless lifestyle Just Eat, one of the largest takeaway food delivery services in France has started accepting bitcoin as one of its payment.

The move to adopt bitcoin is not only a strategy to curb the spread of Covid-19 but also a milestone to democratize and promote the use of cryptocurrency among the general public.

Just Eat is absolutely free to use, one only needs to create a digital wallet by downloading special app or software in Apple or Play store and he or she will be good to go. According to Raymond, a French writer from Publication, more than half payment is already being done on BitPay with bitcoin among French citizens. According to Just Eat, Bitcoin prices is calculated subject to Bitpay prices. In the event of a payment cancellation, one need not worry as a refund will be processed and issued in form of Euros. Then the refund will be sent to a user’s traditional bank account instead of digital wallet

It’s clarified on Just Eat website that whenever a payment is made using Bitcoin it converts automatically into Euros. In addition to this, it’s mentioned that the applicable rate at the time of making a payment or will be equivalent to the rate during reimbursement.

In brief

  • Just Eat Takeaway with an estimated 26.3 million users, is now accepting Bitcoin payments for food deliveries across its 15,000 restaurants in France.
  • The food delivery service is using US-based Bitpay as a payment provider for bitcoin payment.

According to MyCryptoParadise, Just Eat move to accept Bitcoin as one of official payment method is evidence that the cashless society is inevitable and we need to embrace it especially during this when the world is faced with a contagious pandemic.

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