Ethereum Soars as Goerli Testnet Merge Goes Live

Ethereum Soars as Goerli Testnet Merge Goes Live

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The much anticipated Ethereum 2.0 is a step closer as the network’s final trial run has been successfully executed on the Goerli Network on Wednesday.

The current mainnet merge’s proposed date is tentatively September 17 this year, the Goerli testnet merge is the final rehearsal of the merge.

The recent Goerli testnet merge occurred in two phases, the first is the  Bellatrix upgrade on August 4, and the second step called Paris only triggered on Wednesday after the Terminal Total Difficulty (TTD) on the chain reached 10,790,000.

In the past few months, Ethereum has carried out two other testnets, Ropsten and Sepolia.

Goerli is a testnet environment for Web 3 developers to test blockchain applications before launching them on Ethereum mainnet, it is different from Ropsten and Sepolia in that it was running on proof of authority consensus algorithm rather than on proof of work before the recent switch.

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Ethereum Price Soars in Response to the Merge

According to Coingecko, the Ethereum price has soared by more than 14% since the announcement of the merge on Wednesday.

As of writing this, Ethereum is currently trading at $1,911, a significant increase from its earlier price prior to the announcement of the merge.

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