Dubai to Build World’s First Bitcoin Tower

Dubai to Build World’s First Bitcoin Tower

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Key Point

  • The 40-story Bitcoin tower will be built like the shape of Bitcoin to further appreciate the importance of Bitcoin in modern-day society 

In their commitment to appreciate the value of Satoshi Nakamoto’s gift to the world, Dubai developers have announced plans to further promote Bitcoin awareness by building the world’s first Bitcoin tower.

The new 40-story hotel chain will be built in the shape of the leading cryptocurrency and also embraces blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence with zero consumption of CO2.

In addition to the above and to ensure the visitors experience the best of services, the guests will be rewarded with NFTs which will provide exclusive utilities to the visitors or whoever is holding the token; also, the rental price will be like crypto staking, and produce an annual percentage yield (APY) that can be redeemed by visitors.

This hotel will be the first that gives you back your money with interest, Salvatore Leggiero, the project’s developer, noted.

One of the major investors of the tower, the CEO of Metaverse Investments LLC, describes the initiative as one that reflects the growing importance of Bitcoin in modern society.

“This innovative approach to hospitality reflects the growing importance of cryptocurrencies in today’s society and is an excellent way for people to experience and learn more about them,” he said.

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