7 Best Crypto Signals Providers in 2022

7 Best Crypto Signals Providers in 2022

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7 best crypto signals provider of 2022

If you’re reading this article, chances are, you already know that trading cryptocurrencies is not as easy as you initially thought. No doubt, crypto is highly profitable if done right, but keeping that profit and protecting your capital while staying in positive numbers and building up your portfolio consistently is extremely difficult. Unlike other markets, in crypto there are more losers than winners. Close to 95% of crypto traders end up losing.

There are multiple reasons for that; for example, most traders treat cryptocurrency trading like a casino and bet on hyped or trending crypto coins thinking they will keep going up since there’s a lot of noise behind them. There is also a knowledge gap problem where most people don’t understand the inner workings and the technology behind the cryptocurrency projects and bet on the following Twitter trends and fake influencers shilling rug pulls.

The truth is that cryptocurrency trading requires a unique set of skills and knowledge to survive in fluctuating market trends, and if you know what you are doing, it does not matter if it’s a bearish or bullish trend. You will be able to find a great R/R opportunity in every situation.

To have a long-term winning strategy in crypto trading, you either need to be an expert or have access to professional guidance. It would be helpful if you found a team of experts who watches the markets 24/7 so you don’t have to. Someone who knows what they’re doing can prove to be highly beneficial to you. This way, you can trade and invest only in the best projects, at the best entry prices, and with the best return on investment possible. Experienced traders can guide you in any market condition, warn you of any upcoming dump and downtrend and protect your portfolio in both bearish and bullish trends.

You must be wondering now, “So how can I protect my capital and stay profitable for the long term?” To understand that, you need to learn about Crypto Signals.

What are Crypto Signals?

Crypto signals are a group of information that is put together by professional traders. It contains information on what to buy or sell in crypto trading (meaning either taking a long or short position on a trade), the entry of a trading position, and the price to start securing profit (targets).

The signals also contain the most important information of placing a protective stop loss to protect your capital if the trade goes in the opposite direction to the position you have taken.

Traders operating in a derivative or futures market, trade on perpetual contracts on popular exchanges like Binance, Bybit, or BitMex, where they can either Short or Long a particular coin contract based on the market conditions. This is known as longing or shorting a particular perpetual contract (e.g, BTCUSDT Perpetual).

But there are way many more steps involved in making a profitable trade. For example, professional crypto signal providers who are experts in trading have developed their personal trading strategies where they share the exact leverage used for each trade and the amount of capital invested in each trade. These pieces of information are crucial so you can be certain that your entire portfolio and capital on the exchange is being used in the strategy the trader created, and you are not playing against your probabilities which cause many average traders huge losses.

A trader’s priority should be protecting their capital whether they decide to trade on Futures (perpetual exchanges) on the Spot or on both.

What do great crypto signals look like?

To create the best crypto signals, skilled traders not only use technical analysis on multiple time frames but also rely heavily on fundamental analysis, which includes researching the project, taking into consideration the current sentiment around the certain crypto coin, and the overall market in general. In addition, professional traders check On-chain data, the Buy and & Sell volumes, and other important factors that help paint the full picture for the best strategy in a given market situation.

That’s not all; once you have a great crypto signal, it should be used in conjunction with a great risk-reward strategy. What this means is that your Stop Loss should be tight and placed close to the Entry Price, there should only be one Entry Price (not multiple-entry orders, because then you aren’t entering the trade with the same position size every time), and the Take Profit targets should be placed wide starting with the first take profit target which should be minimum 1:1 with the Stop Loss. This means you should not lose more than what you can make by hitting the first Take Profit target.

What’s unfortunate is that most of the Cryptocurrency Signals Telegram Groups out there are trying to fool people by showing fake results and swing traders that aren’t sustainable and aren’t backed by a solid trading strategy. Unfortunately, their behind-the-scenes story is completely different, and people who don’t understand how professional trading works will spend too much money before they figure out what’s going on.

How to find the best Crypto Signals Providers?

Now that we understand what crypto signals are and how to easily distinguish between the good and the crappy ones, let’s look at how to find the best crypto signals provider.

Many Crypto Signals Providers are available on the market today, making it tough to select the most appropriate one. However, based on the signal providers and the services they provide, you can narrow down your choices based on your criteria for what you are searching for.

Of course, there are many free Telegram Channels as well, where you can follow a crypto trading signals provider to better understand their trading methods before subscribing to more premium options.

Free signals are great for making small profits, but if you are serious about crypto trading and want to start trading with a large portfolio, premium signals offer the best chance of generating huge profits.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the most reliable and professional crypto trading signal providers to facilitate our readers. Let’s check them out.

MyCryptoParadise and 6 other Best Crypto Signals Providers

  1. MyCryptoParadise

MyCryptoParadise – Reassuringly Expensive

“If you think it’s pricey to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur!”

The fact that you have visited our website and read this article means that you have already read about MyCryptoParadise online and have seen the awesome results they constantly generate for their Happy Clients. Your quest to find the most reputable and reliable best crypto signals provider has brought you here.

You are probably on the lookout for a group of skilled crypto experts who will share not only their crypto trading setups but also their entry price with the exact position size and their exact sell targets with stop losses mentioned.

You may also be seeking someone willing to share a 24/7 Livestream of their entire cryptocurrency trading portfolio on a single exchange, such as Binance. So you can confidently say, “Yes, I know exactly which positions these guys are in at the moment, as well as how much of their portfolio size they have put into each trade.” So it should be crystal clear to you how these guys manage their trades and how much of their portfolio is positioned in BTC and how much of it is positioned in USDT, and from this diversification, they keep changing at the best possible strategic levels based on the market situation, how much they of their portfolio they have allocated in altcoins.

It goes without saying that you are searching not only for amazing crypto signals but also for opportunities to learn, which means you are looking for someone willing to share their special insights with only a restricted circle of a select few ParadiseFamilyVIP members. You do not want to be in a situation where a large number of people are receiving the same kind of information; instead, you are looking for someone who is giving exclusive insights that are only available to you and only a small group of other people.

In addition, you are searching for someone with several years of experience in cryptocurrency trading who understands how market cycles and manipulations work so that you can work together to take advantage of market opportunities.

Congratulations on finding MyCryptoParadise, the best cryptocurrency trading signals provider and knowledge-sharing platform on the internet today!

MyCryptoParadise aims to deliver the best crypto signals service and offer the most profitable long-term investment picks to their ParadiseFamilyVIP members. In addition, they teach all their members the best trading and portfolio management strategies, helping them build a winner’s trading mindset and teaching them the psychology of trading. Finally, the MyCryptoParadise team aims to keep their ParadiseFamilyVIP members ahead of the market with their insights, analysis, and constant updates about the crypto trading markets!

Founded in late 2016 by Four Experienced Professional Cryptocurrency Traders (who constantly watch and analyze the market around the clock, thanks to their team’s location across different timezones), MyCryptoParadise offers every new ParadiseFamilyVIP unprecedented access to the world of profitable crypto trading. 

They reveal crypto trading secrets and explain how they trade and manage their money and portfolios. In addition, you can choose from various trading strategies and styles that are exclusive to each exchange, allowing you to find the one that best meets your needs.

You can choose from various cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, KuCoin, Okex, ByBit, and Bitmex. If you are looking for professional trading membership, MyCryptoParadise is the place to be.

We have placed MyCryptoParadise at the top because, among all the crypto signals providers on the list, MyCryptoParadise stands out for its market-leading services of providing high-quality crypto trading signals and daily market insights that assist both experienced and new traders alike.

In our analysis, we found MyCryptoParadise to be among the best crypto signal providers in 2022. This is mainly due to their professional approach from the team of traders who founded MyCryptoParadise. Led by four full-time traders from the Czech Republic, Simon, Robin, Nathan, and Jack, MyCryptoParadise has a highly-skilled crew that goes above and beyond to ensure they are active for their worldwide users.

As a result of their collaboration and great time management, you can always count on at least one of their team members to be ready to answer your questions and address your issues. Most importantly, they watch the market 24 hours a day and seven days a week. On their ParadiseFamilyVIP group, MyCryptoParadise provides three personal crypto trade setups each day. Unlike the other signal providers on this list, MyCryptoParadise focuses more on quality over quantity. This enables MyCryptoParadise to maintain consistency and provide results rather than engaging in high-risk transactions.

MyCryptoParadise initiates trades only after extensive research and a mix of analytics. MyCryptoParadise offers an amazing 70-95 percent accuracy rate (industry-leading!) calculated based on previous months’ findings. Their signals’ outcomes are great no matter if the market is bullish or bearish, which suggests that now is the ideal moment to sign up for their services.

Additionally, MyCryptoParadise maintains an audit trail of its performance to guarantee total transparency. Moreover, the team regularly publishes news, updates, and essential fundamental analysis to assist customers in gaining a better grasp of upcoming market conditions. MyCryptoParadise seems to be a fantastic option if you’re seeking a premium and professional cryptocurrency trading signal provider that offers high accuracy and well-managed portfolios in a well-rounded package.

They are more suitable for serious investors who want to learn about and experiment with alternative trading tactics rather than just purchasing, hanging onto earnings, and hoping for the best. It is strongly advised that you check the monthly performance result sheets for MyCryptoParadise’s Binance signals and their Bitmex/Bybit/Kraken signals to judge their market success so far.

Their trading strategy is customer-centric, where they adopt a very clinical approach to trading and conduct their trades after thoroughly analyzing market conditions. So naturally, before signing up for their services, you should do your basic investigation. Therefore, before becoming a VIP member, you may choose to check out their free Telegram channel and see how it goes!

02. CryptoHopper

As you may be aware, the Crypto Signal Services industry is plagued with rip-offs and fraudsters. As a serious platform, we find it difficult to make several recommendations on this subject.

However, one platform that we can suggest with a clear conscience is Cryptohopper. Unfortunately, some people only think of this brand when they think of a trading bot. However, Cryptohopper’s sophisticated automated trading system for bot enthusiasts is merely one of its many features.

Cryptohopper is a large trading community, and some of its members provide crypto signal services, all for a cheap monthly fee. However, rather than charging hundreds of dollars for signal services as other trading signals providers do, Cryptohopper charges only $10 or $20. This enables you to test numerous services simultaneously without spending too much money.

Cryptohopper is a reliable service supported by a recognized organization. They offer professional signal services, yet, they are inexpensive and highly regarded by their users.

03. Zignaly

Zignaly is the most affordable automatic trading platform on our list. The website connects professional cryptocurrency traders, whom others can follow to replicate their trading tactics. Subscribers can also choose from various professional service providers in the marketplace.

The signal services are not free, which is understandable given that others provide them, and Zignaly is merely a middleman. The basic monthly fee only applies to the trading bot. However, there are no restrictions on the number of brokers, coin pairings, or positions the trading bot can use. In addition, every user receives priority support.

The service has a solid overall reputation. However, it’s difficult to discover any dissatisfied user reviews on the internet, which is a good indicator because dissatisfied customers frequently feel compelled to share their negative experiences in forums and review sites. As it is difficult to find anything negative about the service, we rank it as recommended.

04. 4C Trading Signal

Despite being relatively new to the market, customers that have used 4C Trading signals to trade cryptocurrencies have provided genuine positive feedback despite the fact that they are still relatively new to the market. The platform is ideal for customers who are interested in trading futures on the Binance and FTX exchanges, they also support automated trading using APIs

Short-term and long-term signals are generated by the team, which operates out of Belgium. They also offer automated trading through the utilization of smart bots. In addition to that, the also provides signals for margin trading in cryptocurrencies as well.

05. Pro Crypto Signals

Pro Crypto Signals have been providing services to its users since 2018. Because they have supplied more than 2000 signals in less than two years, they have achieved an enviable yet incredible success rate. Pro Crypto Signals divides its services into three categories: short-term signals, medium-term signals, and long-term signals. This provides vast opportunities for individuals looking to make trades and profits.

Pro Crypto Signals restricts the crypto signals it distributes via Telegram to Binance signals, Bittrex signals, and Poloniex signals, three of the world’s most successful cryptocurrency exchanges. As a result of the dominance of these exchanges in the business, customers of Pro Crypto signals can execute trades based on professional technical analysis using a wide range of cryptocurrency market pairings that are now available to them.

Furthermore, sometimes, the best crypto signals also provide free signals to traders. In addition to free signals, Pro Crypto Signal normally gives a certain number of signals per month on its Telegram channel, which has a substantial volume of consistent data flowing through it.

Surprisingly, the platform also allows for automated trading, with users accessing the service’s auto trading bots using their API login credentials. In addition, Pro Crypto Signals offers different subscription plans from which users can choose the one best fits their requirements. For example, users can choose to pay a monthly price of $222, a quarterly fee of $500, a 6-month fee of $1,000, a yearly fee of $2,000, or a combination of these fees.

06. CoinSignals

CoinSignals commenced operating in January of 2019. Although they are still in their infancy, they have amassed an impressive winning percentage of 60 percent on the signals they provide via Telegram. CoinSignals offers three types of signals to its customers: signals based on bitcoin (BTC), signals based on dollars (USD), and signals based on USDT. In addition, CoinSignals provides a wide range of short and intermediate-term signals generated by a team of technical consultants and professional traders with a wealth of trading knowledge and experience.

In addition to Binance signals, CoinSignals now provides coverage for BitMEX and Bittrex signals. They can provide their customers with up-to-date services and alerts because they cover many cryptocurrency trading pairs.

Also available are free signal gateways from CoinSignals, which provide accurate signals but do not guarantee a maximum return on investment. Furthermore, their free signals gateway is limited to only Bitcoin signals, which is a significant limitation.

Alternatively, their Pro edition has detailed information on a wide range of cryptocurrency signals. Providing 100 signals every month, ProSignals maintains consistency in signal delivery. Furthermore, ProSignals is compatible with automated trading, allowing clients to link their API credentials to their accounts, which are then used by the service’s bots optimized with proprietary trading algorithms. Three different subscription options are available from CoinSignals. Users can pay 0.01 BTC for 30 days, 0.03 BTC for 90 days, and 0.1 BTC for a year, with the minimum payment being 0.01 BTC.

07. 100-eyes Crypto Trading Signals

100-eyes Crypto Trading Signals (also known as a crypto scanner), has been operating since late 2018. The 100eyes team is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, with five members.

When the 100eyes scanner detects potentially profitable trading opportunities, it sends out alerts automatically. In addition, other features can be customized with the scanner, including the ability to identify support and resistance zones, Fibonacci retracements, RSI divergences, and more.

With the 100eyes Crypto Scanner, you can completely automate the process of receiving notifications for your favorite digital currencies based on technical analysis. In addition, the scanner is compatible with all Binance pairs and can be used when trading on other exchanges besides Binance.

Customize your chart by selecting your indicator(s), timeframe(s), and pair(s)! RSI Divergences, Horizontal Support or Resistance Zones, and Fibonacci Retracements are just a few of the continuous opportunities that the completely customizable scanner looks for.

The scanner also supports other technical indicators like the MACD, Bollinger Bands, exponential moving averages, and stochastics. As soon as the scanner picks up on something, you’ll receive an alert on your Telegram account.


In navigating today’s rapidly growing cryptocurrency industry, the best course of action is to follow trading experts with years of professional trading experience who can guide you in any market situation.

Because it is so difficult to anticipate what will happen in cryptocurrency markets, relying on cryptocurrency signal providers makes sense. In addition, the services, knowledge exchange, and guidance that cryptocurrency signal providers offer are extremely valuable for both inexperienced and seasoned investors.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of individuals are oblivious that there is more to crypto trading than just technical and fundamental analysis. Trading cryptocurrencies needs you to adopt a certain mindset, one in which you put your feelings to one side and concentrate instead on the state of the market.

But the challenge is that it is extremely difficult to build that kind of trading sentiment on your own, so the best course of action should be to seek assistance from expert traders who have years upon years of trading experience and who can help guide you in the most difficult and riskiest positions in your trading endeavors. This is the best strategy because it will give you the best chance of success.

To choose a crypto signal provider, you must consider several variables carefully. Some of these factors include the number of exchanges they cover, the level of customer support they provide, and the kinds of services they provide for their clients. Aside from that, you should also consider the cost, but you shouldn’t give it too much weight because high-quality signals typically have a higher price tag, which can be made up for by the enormous profit you can earn from using them.

We hope this guide will help you choose the best cryptocurrency signal provider. We wish you the best in all your trading endeavors!

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