Vitalik Releases the Updated Ethereum Roadmap

Vitalik Releases the Updated Ethereum Roadmap

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Ethereum’s co-founders

As Ethereum transited from the power-consuming proof of work to power-saving proof of stake, Vitalik Buterin has unveiled a new road map of the post-merge Ethereum.

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Vitalik Buterin Unveils a New Ethereum Roadmap

Ethereum’s Vitalik plans to introduce a lot of changes to the post-merge Ethereum to reduce censorship, block verification, and centralization amongst others.

The updated roadmap was released on Saturday, November 5, below is the breakdown of each phase, milestones, and features;

The success of the transition of Ethereum has shot up the Ethereum supply to 2.5k, the rate which has dropped compared to proof of work Ethereum.

However, the concerns about ETH censorship have intensified since the merge, the minting of OFAC-compliant blocks has reached 73% in the last 24 hours. Vitalik expects single slot finality as the new “stage 2 Merge” milestone.

“The Surge” phase includes EIP-4844 and Danksharding, rollups, and zkEVM. ETH aims to improve scalability and capacity, supporting 100,000 transactions per second. Moreover, the milestones include “Basic rollup scaling” and “Full rollup scaling”.

“The Scourge” phase focuses on censorship resistance. The goal is to ensure reliable and credibly neutral transaction inclusion and avoid centralization and other protocol risks from MEV. In fact, Ethereum block production will be based on inclusion lists or alternative selection mechanisms. Also, Proposer/builder separation (PBS) specifications and MEV burn are included. The milestone in the new phase is “In-protocol PBS”.

“The Verge” phase now brings “verification” for making verifying blocks super easy using SNARKs. Users download bytes of data, perform basic computations, and verify a SNARK to establish proof. Earlier, Vitalik Buterin introduced only “verkle trees” to make Ethereum more efficient in storage and allow a smaller node size. Moreover, it prepares the blockchain with STARKs for quantum-resistant advantages. The endgame is “fully SNARKed Ethereum.”

“The Purge” phase simplifies the protocol by requiring clients to discard older data. However, this needs solutions to store legacy data. The goal is to eliminate technical debt and limit the costs of participating in the network. Simplifying gas mechanics, EIP-4444, and base state expiry specifications are some highlights. Moreover, the milestones are “History expiry (EIP-4444)” and “State expiry”.

“The Splurge” phase focuses on better user experience, greater security, and more flexibility. Also, it includes Endgame EVM, Endgame EIP-1559, and Endgame account abstraction.

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