Tornado Cash Developer to Remain in Detention Till April

Tornado Cash Developer to Remain in Detention Till April

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As per a new court ruling, the developer of crypto mixing tool Tornado Cash, Alexey Pertsev will remain in detention until the next hearing in April.

Pertsev who was arrested in the Netherlands following the total ban of Tornado Cash in August by the US Treasury for allegations that the tool is being used by criminals to launder money, has been in detention in the country since his arrest, as per a new court ruling, he will be detained by the Dutch security till his next hearing on April 21.

Furthermore, Pertsev’s pre-trial review will happen on May 24, according to a revelation by the court of East Brabant handling the case told to The Block.

Tornado Cash is believed to have played a major role in money laundering, especially through cryptocurrency, also, there are reports that the mixing tool is connected to the Lazarus group, a group of hackers who are believed to be working for the North Korean government to steal money through crypto for the government to purchase weapons.

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