Top 5 ICO Projects With The Biggest ROI

Top 5 ICO Projects With The Biggest ROI

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top 5 ico projects

Raising initial capital for traditional companies that required a quick influx of cash would require giving away some stake (aka stock) to investors who then are given ownership of the company proportionate to their contribution. The process of raising funds traditionally from investors in an open market is known as Initial public offering (IPO).  In the cryptocurrency space, things are not different, new crypto startup often requires a minimum amount as a qualification to enter the crypto market. Just like that mainstream IPO, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), is the formula used in raising the initial capital for crypto startups, where crypto tokens are sold to interested investors

Having it in mind that ICO is like an equivalent of IPO in the traditional market; before we look at the top 5 most successful ICO projects, I have to mention that there cannot be a definitive list of top 5 of all times as there are lots of random movement that affects the value of project’s tokens. So below is a list of top-performing ICO projects as of September 1, 2020.

IOTA — 424,084% ROI

It’s an envisioned innovative futuristic project that aims to integrate the products of the “Internet of Things” including cars, appliances, automatic service provider and many more to automated digital transactions. IOTA is unique because it has solved the scalability issue that is associated with blockchain networks by using Tangle as an alternative to blockchain. With Tangle, transactions are verified “Insitu” – at the exact point where the transaction is carried out. Thus, IOTA is among the rare ICO projects that transact without any fees making it stand-out. IOTA attracts the attention of investors because it targets a futuristic market. It raised up to $400 000 when it was starting as its tokens were sold at $0.001 back then but currently trades at around $1.8.

Neo (Formerly Antshares) — 378,453% ROI

Neo-an ICO project commonly called “China’s Ethereum” utilizes smart contract applications besides decentralized commerce and digitized assets to leverage the potential in the cryptocurrency market. Neo is targeted to be acceptable blockchain to represent the legal proof-of-ownership beyond cryptocurrency boundaries. At the campaign stage, it was backed up with globally recognized brands such as Alibaba and Microsoft. It was able to raise $556,500 by selling about 17.5 mln token at $0.032 per token when it was launch in 2015. Since then it has the grown steadily and currently trades at about $120.

Ethereum — 279,843% ROI

Ethereum is probably to most popular ICO project of the time because of its ability to support decentralized applications (dapps) and run smart contracts. The concept’s mastermind Vitalik Buterin a renown Russian-Canadian programmer in the cryptocurrency community. Also, it works hand in hand with Enterprise Ethereum Alliance currently viewed as the world’s biggest corporations, responsible for the global implementation of smart contracts and blockchain technology. The project was established in 2014 and the team collectively raised $15.5 million by selling 50 mln tokens for $0.311 per token. As of 2020, Ethereum trades at $850 as an average price but $1,377.72 marked its peak as at Jan. 14th, 2018.

Stratis — 102,338% ROI

Stratis – an ICO project that offers development, testing solutions and deploys blockchain smart contracts on a global scale. Its developers made an easier platform for use by making it compatible with .NET and C# languages.  This caught the attention of majority enterprise that uses Microsoft products and associated software. The integration of  Microsoft and Stratis made its’ ICO project success at the very startup stage. The project raised $610,000 as initial capital, selling its tokens at $0.007 and its value has steadily grown to $7.45 as at September 2020.

DigixDAO — 12,044% ROI

DigixDAO is regarded as one of the major DAOs ever created on Ethereum platform and uniquely uses two different tokens namely DGD and DGX.  The token sold as initial coin offering also gave buyers voting rights and thus gave its coin holders ability to participate in shaping its future. DigixDAO focuses on creating naval stable cryptocurrency that is backed up with actual bars of gold. This implies that DGX tokens can be recanted into gold bars and redeemed as a token. At its launch in 2016, it managed to raise $5.5 mln in just 12 hours, selling at $3.235 per token. Its value has then grown since then to $390 currently.

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Smyth W
Smyth W
3 years ago

How is the worth of these projects calculated? DO these projects have a partnership with binance or what exactly is done? Apart from ICOs, how do these projects get funding?

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