Terra CEO Do Kwon on the Run, Says South Korean Prosecutors, Ask Interpol to Issue Red Notice

Terra CEO Do Kwon on the Run, Says South Korean Prosecutors, Ask Interpol to Issue Red Notice

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As opposed to Terra CEO Do Kwon’s claim last week that he is not on the run, South Korean Prosecutors have refuted the claim, and are currently in the process of issuing a red notice on him through Interpol.

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Seoul Southern District to Add Do Kwon to Interpol Red Notice

Time seems to be running out for Do Kwon as the Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office said on Monday that it has begun the process of adding him to the Interpol red notice, a move that will see Do Kwon wanted in more than 195 countries across the globe.

“We have begun the procedure to place him (Do Kwon) on the Interpol red notice list and revoke his passport,” the office said, according to a report by Financial Times on Monday.

Should the South Korean prosecutors successfully place Do Kwon on the Interpol red notice, it would mean that authorities from the intergovernmental organization’s member countries will be alerted and asked to find and arrest him ahead of possible extradition.

Last week, a South Korean court issued an arrest warrant on Terra CEO along with five others for violating the capital market rule, an event that resurrected the dying TerraUSD collapse issue in the crypto community.

Also, on Saturday, Singapore police released a statement that Kwon had left the country, a release that he responded to through his social media handle that he is not on the run, he added that himself together with his colleagues have been cooperating with the authorities on any investigation regarding Terra crash.

“We are in the process of defending ourselves in multiple jurisdictions – we have held ourselves to an extremely high bar of integrity, and look forward to clarifying the truth over the next few months,” he wrote. In response to Kwon’s statement, the prosecutors said that “it is clear that he escaped,”

The recent move by the South Korean prosecutors makes it obvious that Kwon is likely to face repercussions for his role in the collapse of TerraUSD and its entire ecosystem.

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