Silicon Valley Based Cloud Company Announces the Listing of its Coin on Bittrex

Silicon Valley Based Cloud Company Announces the Listing of its Coin on Bittrex

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Beowulf Blockchain has announced the listing of its coin, BWF, on Bittrex – the global cryptocurrency exchange known for its tight security. According to the company’s statement, the coin will be available on the exchange starting from September 24. The company expects to distribute 100 million BWF coins (translating to 1$ million) to the community within two weeks of listing. The listing of BWF on Bittrex will further decentralize blockchain ownership.

Beowulf Blockchain is a decentralized B2B cloud network whose company’s headquarter are based in Silicon Valley. The primary objective of this company is to create a transparent environment and readily available solutions for the stakeholders.

Listing BWF also gives the public – individuals and organization – the privilege of becoming supernodes.

Beowulf is aiming at creating a simple and efficient process for traders to earn rewards and transaction fees from the company. Beowulf is willing to collaborate with reputable exchange platforms to jointly develop supernodes networks so that its investor can stake their holdings to create high performing master nodes.

Beowulf CEO, William H. Nguyen, expressed his hopes that the coin will serve as a way for the public to obtain the company’s membership and benefit from the current and future benefits. Nguyen also expressed his hopes of getting support from the leaders in the industry to provide a better video quality, more effective and affordable video conference services to all the end-users across the globe.

Collaboration with other Businesses for Better Services

Recently, Beowulf has been collaborating with different business sectors to improve its services to clients and users. The most recent partnership was on September 4 and involved HL Games. FHL Game is a Latin American-based company that is dealing with digital games and content distribution across the Americas. The collaboration targets providing world-class solutions and services to both consumers and enterprises in Latin America. Collaboration is one of the strategies that the company is using to explore new niche and market.

This move creates a new dimension in the company’s application of blockchain technology. More users will use this as a ‘passport’ to join the company.

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