Samsung Next Ventures in Theta Labs | Patrick Chang takes lead

Samsung Next Ventures in Theta Labs | Patrick Chang takes lead

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Samsung Next Ventures director, Patrick Chang,

The Samsung Next Ventures director, Patrick Chang, has been responsible for being in charge of the firm’s venture in Theta Labs. Theta network revealed information on 8th January through a blog post. They further shared that the director is an early-stage investor who majors in seed to Series B Enterprise backing. He is allegedly conversant with speculation affairs as he focuses on Blockchain, Open Source, and Edge Computing.

Conversant with the crypto world

As per the blog post, Chang began venturing into BTC early before even working for Samsung Next. The investor also trusts that blockchain tech has a bright future, explaining his effect on Samsung’s rising inclination towards blockchain technology.

Chang had reportedly held round table summits and was amongst the team behind the Samsung Wallet creation. In addition to this, the director was primarily involved in Samsung’s large investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain sectors. Samsung’s investment includes Dapper Labs, the company responsible for creating Cryptokitties, Alchemy, Theta Labs, Filament, and Forte.

Experience in the field

Chang had reportedly been working at Foundation Capital before going to Samsung Next. There, he mostly focused on SaaS and enterprise program. On the side of this, he also worked for Bain Capital Ventures and Investor Growth Capital, in the list of the organizations he worked at. Chang managed to get 15 years of experience in startups enterprises in software sector working for these organizations.

Chang could not miss the opportunity to remark on his position in spearheading Theta Network investment by Samsung Next. He said that he had seen Theta’s significant growth as he followed the team since 2016 when Samsung Next ventured into At that point, Chang claimed to have had a massive interest in Samsung’s ventures.

Theta growth

Theta receives this news after they unveiled the beta edition of its video delivery program last year, December. The program aims to give its clients an incentive and reduce the price of video content distribution by securing a dispersed system. Creators dubbed this program Theta Edgecast, and it enables clients to record videos before transcoding, caching, and conveying the videos to viewers worldwide flawlessly.

Theta Lab’s CEO, Mitch Liu, said that the unveiling saw Theta get to a new level. This achievement is seen as the network had been creating a decentralized video program starting in 2017.

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