More than 20k Ukrainians Sign up For Free Course on Crypto

More than 20k Ukrainians Sign up For Free Course on Crypto

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Ukraine’s Bitcoin Law

Following an announcement by Ukrainian officials of the commencement of “Crypto Literacy” classes in Ukraine, over 20,000 Ukrainians have registered for the course in the war-torn country, is the country going crypto-crazy?

Ukraine is looking to educate its citizens about Bitcoin, mining as well as smart contracts, hoping to become the best jurisdiction for cryptocurrency in the world, however, in its bid to realize this, it has started classes for digital education in the country.

As per the crypto news outlet Forklog, an official of Ukraine noted that the course may end up as “the largest in the history of the development of virtual assets in Ukraine”, adding that more than 20k Ukrainians have signed up for the course.

The “Crypto Literacy ” program, is a free course for the people of the country and will comprise 100 hours of theory and practice where every participant will be taught the evolution of Bitcoin and also, the history of money.

The course also comprises courses like the mining and consensus mechanism, cold and hot wallets, risks and benefits associated with crypto trading, and Ethereum and smart contracts.

To make this possible, the digital ministry of Ukraine partnered with a Ukrainian crypto exchange Whitebit, Filecoin Foundation, as well as a social metaverse platform Atlantis World.

The role of cryptocurrency in addressing the humanitarian crisis faced by Ukraine since the Russia invasion can not be underestimated, which is why it is more appropriate to attribute crypto appreciation by the Ukrainian government to crypto donation to the new innovation by the country’s officials.

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