US University Now Offers Bitcoin Course

US University Now Offers Bitcoin Course

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As Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continue to gain momentum globally, universities in various countries have started leveraging crypto popularity as Bitcoin courses are now being integrated into their curriculum.

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Texas University Now Offers Bitcoin Courses

Starting on January 17, Texas A&M University will commence offering courses in Bitcoin to its students.

The course titled ‘Bitcoin Protocol’ will be taught by Associate Professor Korok Ray of Mays Business School at the University and will be followed by a course on “Programming Bitcoin” where students will learn to “build a Bitcoin library from scratch.”

While expressing himself in a tweet, Professor Korok wrote; 

“I will be teaching the first ever Bitcoin class at Texas A&M this spring”. Adding that it took months before the course could be approved by the relevant body.

Integrating Bitcoin-related courses is necessary for the financial literacy of the emerging populace due to the increased involvement of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the global financial system.

Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, National University of Singapore, and Cornell University amongst others are universities that have started offering courses related to Bitcoin.

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