Mithril Demands 200k BNB from Binance Following Delisting

Mithril Demands 200k BNB from Binance Following Delisting

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Binance CEO Zhao

The social media platform Mithril on Thursday requested 200k BNB worth $53 million from Binance following Binance’s announcement of delisting several tokens including MIHT.

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Binance to Delist Four Tokens

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, announced the delisting of four tokens namely MITH, TRIBE, REP, and BTCST on Thursday, December 15, an ousting process that will be done on 22 December.

According to Binance, the move to delist these tokens came following a review to ensure that all the digital assets meet the required standard.

“When a coin or token no longer meets this standard or the industry changes, we conduct a more in-depth review and potentially delist it,” Binance said in a blog post.

Usually, Binance reviews projects on its exchange periodically and some important factors like the team’s commitment to the project, trading volume and liquidity, and the stability and safety of the network, among other key signals are put into consideration.

Social Media Platform Mithril Demands $53M Worth of BNB from Binance

The social media platform Mithril has reacted to the move by Binance to delist its token MIHT on the Binance exchange by demanding BNB worth $53 million.

According to Mithril, the BNB demanded is the BNB token which was paid by Mithril as part of the requirements to list the MITH token on the Binance exchange.

“Binance has announced that it will delist MITH. As part of the MITH listing, Binance required a 200,000 BNB deposit, which was never returned…On behalf of the Mithril community, we ask @cz_binance to return this deposit so that Mithril may continue to operate,” Mithril asked.

Mithril added that Binance canceled the partnership without informing Mithril. However, neither Binance nor the Binance CEO has responded to Mithril’s claim.

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