Maryland Porsche Towson Dealer, Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Maryland Porsche Towson Dealer

April 21, 2022

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Porsche Towson, a dealership in Maryland in the U.S, has accepted Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies to buy their vehicles, according to a tweet announced by Bitpay.

Bitpay made Porsche Townson accept Cryptocurrencies as a way of payment through their API services, enabling easier processing of Cryptocurrencies.

Porsche Towson offers new, certified pre-owned and leasing options throughout its locations in Maryland, such as Baltimore, Hunt Valley, Bel Air, and Towson. And also at  Pennsylvania in York County.

Porsche Townson customers can now purchase luxury vehicles with Bitcoin. This comes after using traditional financing, leasing, and trade-ins, among other methods of car purchases.

Bitpay’s offers

Bitpay tries to protect businesses from volatility in the pricing of Bitcoin by ensuring that the dealer gets the corresponding amount of Dollars during the purchase. Every dollar charged for a product or service is paid to the merchant based on the time of purchase, minus the 1% transaction fee charged by BitPay.

In addition to that, Bitpay provides a convenient way of using Bitcoin as a medium of exchange when technical hurdles create barriers to businesses interested in using other payment methods.

Bitpay provides a crypto payment system that permits businesses to accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin by relieving business owners of stress with a seamless API. A tool that enables firms to utilize cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for recurring billing and one-time payments.

Bitcoin payment service announced that it had added support to the Lightning Network through its payment processing platforms. The network will allow business owners to receive cheaper and faster payments through the Layer 2 protocol.

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