Jack Dorsey and Lamar Wilson to Facilitate More Black Bitcoin Millionaires

Jack Dorsey and Lamar Wilson to Facilitate More Black Bitcoin Millionaires

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Black Bitcoin Billionaires

Square Inc.’s owner, Jack Dorsey, has recently partnered with Lamar Wilson to provide black folks opportunities to enter into the bitcoin millionaire market in the United States.

Lamar Wilson runs “Black Bitcoin Billionaires,” which is currently the biggest group of the fast-rising social media platform, Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is becoming particularly popular with crypto enthusiasts who get to share their interest in digital currency with others on the audio-based platform. In the past, the application has hosted discussions with renowned figures such as Kanye West, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk.

Square Inc.’s CashApp to Facilitate the Project

Square Inc. intends to use its mobile payment service, CashApp, to make bitcoins accessible to black families in the United States. The partnership with the crypto clubhouse group started a month-long campaign on February 4 dubbed, Operation: Satoshi Millionaire to foresee the education about bitcoin accessibility to the black community.

Black Bitcoin Billionaires organizer Wilson affirmed CashApp’s advantage of user-friendliness convenient for the crypto clubhouse group. Additionally, contrary to other popular payment services like PayPal and Robinhood, subscribers of CashApp can send money directly to their Bitcoin wallets.

Isaiah Jackson, a notable proponent of Bitcoin within the Black community and author of Bitcoin and Black America, is Black Bitcoin Billionaires’ host on Clubhouse. He remarked that he was the first to reach out to Square Inc.’s Jack Dorsey to propose the partnership.

Wilson’s Previous Successes Creates Optimism for This Project

Wilson has previously successfully run a Facebook group of crypto enthusiasts named Koinda founded in January 2018. The group went ahead and started its own cryptocurrency called the “CJ”. The partnership is optimistic it will achieve its goals with Wilson involved.

The ultimate goal of “Operation: Satoshi Millionaire” is to bridge the generational wealth gap between black people and whites. Bringing bitcoins closer to the people seems like a strategic way to do so. Moreover, Wilson hopes that Black Bitcoin Billionaires’ partnership with CashApp will open up the crypto Clubhouse group to more corporate sponsorships that will provide more financial opportunities to the marginalized.

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