Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ For Do Kwon

Interpol Issues ‘Red Notice’ For Do Kwon

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Even though Terra’s Do Kwon said he is not “on the run”, his location is still unknown as Singapore police confirmed that he is not in the city-state. Could Kwon actually be guilty of the allegation regarding the Terra crash?

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Terra Do Kwon Issued a Red Notice by Interpol 

According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the international policing organization has issued a red notice on Terra Labs co-founder, Kwon, a move that will make him a wanted fugitive in more than 90 countries globally.

The red notice is a response to allegations he’s facing in South Korea regarding the entire collapse of the Terra ecosystem.

Since his earlier tweet on September 17, he’s yet to issue any statement on the move to place him on red notice as announced by South Korean prosecutors last week, although, he has maintained that Terra Labs is and will continue to comply with any investigation concerning Terra crash.

“I will tell you where I am if we are friends, have plans to meet, we are involved in a GPS-based web3 game, otherwise you have any business knowing my GPS coordinates,” says Kwon in his last tweet.

People believe that Kwon has been in Singapore, contrarily, Singapore police have confirmed that he is not in the country.

A Red notice is a “request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action,” according to the Interpol website.

Recall that a South Korean court ordered the arrest of Kwon and five others for violating the capital markets rules.

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