How to spot bearish divergence using MACD like a PRO?

How to spot bearish divergence using MACD like a PRO?

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bearish divergence using MACD

Trading Crypto long-term profitably is hard, but being able to spot bearish divergence perfectly like a PRO crypto trader, will make it much easier for you to create better crypto signals. Let us explain to you how to spot bearish Divergence with the MACD indicator, so you can be a better trader! 

Many traders can’t spot a market top on time. We have something that can help you in this area.  Bearish divergence is a signal that shows when it’s the best time to get out of the market. It appears when prices are climbing but the MACD starts to dip, suggesting that the bullish momentum might end soon. 

Let’s Easily Break it Down!  

How To Spot Bearish Divergence?

Similar to many traders, you can fail to spot the perfect top and it can become pretty costly. Bearish divergence is a warning sign in crypto trading that the current uptrend may not be as strong as it appears to you. You can spot it when the price of an asset hits new highs, but the MACD indicator—a tool that tracks momentum—fails to follow suit and instead makes lower highs. 

This mismatch suggests that the upward price movement is losing steam and could reverse soon. It’s like watching a rocket soar but noticing its fuel gauge dropping; caution is advised as a change in direction might be imminent. You can trade bearish divergence using the MACD indicator to avoid this change of direction. 

Understanding MACD Indicator 

You can Spot a bearish divergence in trading charts that hints at future price movements. You need to begin by observing the price action. If the price action has a series of higher highs in the price of an asset then the market is in an uptrend and this is your signal to monitor it closely. However, the twist comes when you observe the MACD indicator. You will see that instead of mirroring the price with its own higher highs, the MACD shows lower highs.

bearish divergence using MACD

This divergence between what the price is doing and what the MACD indicates is a classic bearish divergence. It’s a subtle nudge from the market whispering that the bullish trend might be running out of breath and a potential downward turn could be on the horizon. There are various flavors of this pattern that you must know:

  • For instance, a strong bearish divergence is clear-cut. In this trend, you can see the price forms higher highs while the MACD carves out lower highs which signals a significant loss of upward momentum. 
  • On the other hand, a mild divergence might not be as pronounced but still indicates a weakening trend.  For example, you might observe a crypto asset like Bitcoin reaching new price peaks, yet the MACD fails to confirm these highs and curves downwards instead. This divergence is a prelude to a price correction and gives you a heads-up to adjust your strategies.

In essence, identifying a bearish divergence is about noticing the discrepancies between price highs and the MACD’s reaction to these highs. It’s a skill that can give you an edge by signaling when the market’s bullish enthusiasm is waning and a downturn is about to begin.  

How Can You Trade Bearish Divergence Using MACD Indicator?

You can trade bearish divergence using the MACD indicator but must have a keen eye and a strategic approach. Once you’ve identified the bearish divergence pattern, the next step is to decide how to act on it. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to trading when you spot a bearish divergence:

  • Confirm the Trend: You need to ensure that the crypto asset is indeed in an uptrend with prices making higher highs. This confirmation is really necessary before making any trading decision. 
  • Spot the Divergence: When the uptrend is confirmed, you need to look for the MACD indicator making lower highs while the price continues to climb. This is your bearish divergence.
  • Wait for Confirmation: You don’t jump in just yet. Instead, you wait for additional signals such as a bearish candlestick pattern or a MACD crossover to confirm the trend reversal.
  • Enter the Trade: Once confirmation is received, you can consider entering a short position or selling any long positions you may have.
  • Set Stop-Loss: You can place your stop-loss order just above the recent high to protect against potential losses if the trend doesn’t reverse as expected.
  • Monitor and Adjust: Always keep an eye on the trade and be ready to adjust your stop-loss or take-profit orders as the market moves. If you’re new to all this, you can take advice from PradiseTeam’s Professional Traders

Remember, bearish divergence isn’t a guarantee of a downturn—it’s a signal that the current trend may be weakening. It’s essential to use this pattern in conjunction with other analysis tools and within the context of a well-thought-out trading strategy. By doing so, you can navigate the markets with greater confidence and precision.

How Much Profit Can You Make From Bearish Divergence? 

Trading bearish divergence can be quite profitable only when executed with precision and caution. This pattern signals a potential shift from an uptrend to a downtrend. You can leverage this opportunity to take a short position or exit long positions before the market dips. The key to maximizing profits lies in accurate identification and timely action.

What are the Conditions to Improve Profits?

Various conditions improve your chances of making profits in this situation:

  • A high trading volume during the bearish divergence can boost the bearish divergence confirmation. This situation indicates a stronger market interest and a more reliable signal. 
  • Additionally, bearish divergence with other technical indicators, such as RSI or candlestick patterns, can provide a more robust confirmation of the trend reversal.

Conversely, trading bearish divergence without confirmation or in a low-volume market can reduce profitability. It’s also important to understand the overall market context; divergence patterns during strong bullish trends may be less reliable and could lead to false signals. 

Therefore, traders should employ a comprehensive strategy that includes capital management and considers multiple market factors for the best outcomes.

How Can You Set Parameters For Trading Bearish Divergence Using MACD Indicator? 

When you’re dealing with bearish divergence, you need to set up your entry, stop loss, and take profit correctly because it is crucial for managing trading capital and potential rewards. Here’s a straightforward approach:

bearish divergence using MACD

Trade Entry:

Your entry point should be based on a confirmed bearish signal following the divergence. This could be a bearish candlestick pattern or a MACD line crossing below the signal line. The entry should be placed just below the low of the confirming signal to ensure the market is moving in your anticipated direction. You can also take advice from Professional Traders of ParadiseTeam. 

Stop Loss

The stop loss should be set above the most recent high that occurred during the divergence. This is because if the price goes above this point, it suggests that the bearish trend might not materialize, and it’s a logical place to cut losses.

Take Profit: 

Setting a take profit requires assessing the potential downward move. A common method is to measure the height of the previous uptrend and project it downwards from the entry point. Alternatively, you can set it at a previous support level or use a risk-reward ratio of 2:1, where for every dollar risked, two dollars are aimed for in profit.

By carefully planning these parameters, you can create a balanced trade setup that manages trading capital while positioning for potential profit in the face of bearish divergence. You can trade bearish divergence using the MACD indicator and make profits.  


Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of bearish divergence using MACD, you can easily navigate the crypto markets with confidence. By spotting this crucial signal, you can anticipate market crashes before they happen and safeguard your capital. But remember, bearish divergence is just one tool in your trading toolbox. It’s essential to combine this strategy with other indicators like the RSI to truly excel in crypto trading

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