Grayscale and BitGo both hit $16 billion in crypto holding

Grayscale and BitGo both hit $16 billion in crypto holding

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BitGo, a crypto funds firm, yesterday announced that it now owns $16 billion worth of digital assets. Grayscale, another firm that finances crypto for its publicly transacted stocks, also achieved a similar milestone a day later.

This year, there have been several institutional investors in crypto assets. In front of the pack is Michael Saylor’s firm, MicroStrategy. The US business intelligence firm bought Bitcoin worth $425 million over August and September. Currently, MicroStrategy holds Bitcoin valued at more than a billion USD. Firms that provide storing and investing amenities now have their demand rising.

BitGo exploring new heights

The CEO of BitGo, Mike Belshe, expressed that his company is experiencing unparalleled attention from established finance investors. As he said, this interest is due to the effect of the corona pandemic on the economy and Bitcoin performing exceptionally.

Bitcoin, the leading crypto, this month hit a new record value of more than $24,000. This new high comes after it finally surpassing the ever-intangible $20,000 mark on 16th Dec this year.

BitGo, a crypto funds

On the other side, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust enables investing clients to buy and sell shares in trusts. Deals involving huge amount-values of Bitcoin are more suitable to use the trust. They do business on the stock market.

Going toe to toe

There is a site that follows on Grayscale holdings, Grayscale Investment Holdings is in ownership of assets valued at $16 billion under its governance, as it reports.

Besides, there is a sum of about 550,000 Bitcoin worth $13.91 billion. This figure translates to around 70% of all Bitcoin that publicly transacted companies possess, as Bitcoin Treasuries+ reported.

BitGo started majoring in institutional investors in 2013 when it unveiled BitGo’s multi-signature wallets. After the launch, the firm unveiled BitGo Trust Company; this a competent keeper made to store crypto in the sector.

PayPal to buy BitGo

There is a word that PayPal would probably purchase BitGo for some months. However, as per Fortune, the contract is not happening any time soon. Belshe reported to Decrypt that BitGo is a sovereign firm, and PayPal would not take it over.

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