Dogecoin-Killer Shiba Inu to Be Burned Via Amazon

Dogecoin-Killer Shiba Inu to Be Burned Via Amazon

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Dogecoin-killer Shiba Inu will be burned via Amazon according to a new partnership between the meme coin and the e-commerce platform.

The partnership is promising for Shiba Inu. The self-proclaimed Dogecoin-killer is constantly inventing new creative ways to expand the use and burning of the SHIB tokens. Considering Amazon’s status as the biggest and best e-commerce platform, Shiba Inu’s awareness will increase and pull potential investors. 

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SHIB Burn to be Weekly instead of Monthly with New Amazon Partnership

The Shiba Inu-Amazon partnership will see SHIB burns conducted weekly, every Sunday, starting June 5, 2022. Currently, SHIB is burnt through Travis Johnson’s SHIB burn games. The firm had previously been burning SHIB tokens monthly. Cumulatively, the Shiba Inu burn games have burnt over 2 million SHIBA tokens. 

The Twitter account “SHIB Super Store,” affiliated with Travis Johnson’s SHIB burn games, broke the news of Shiba Inu being burnt via Amazon. The Twitter account announced that had been accepted into the Amazon affiliate program. Consequently, users could buy anything by using the link attached. Depending on the item, between 1% and 20% of the purchase price will be burned.

As per its official website, Travis Johnson’s SHIB burn games store was created for the Shiba community. Its initial goal was to develop SHIB-themed products to push the adoption and growth of the Dogecoin-killer.

The firm draws its income from apps, games, and adverts run in the games, selling SHIB-branded merch and a SHIB-themed YouTube channel. The games burn 100% of their ad revenue. Some of the games include Shibsphere, Bricks Buster, Candy Trips, Zombie Assassins, and Shiba Play.

The Ongoing Shiba Inu Burn Games

As reported by Shibburn Twitter, a total of 220 million SHIB tokens were burnt over the past 48 hours. Furthermore, 99,868,377 SHIB tokens have been removed from circulation in the past 24 hours, while 119,604,404 Shiba Inu were burned a day earlier.

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