Announces its Expansion into the US Announces its Expansion into the US

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With the continuous increase in crypto-related services in the US market, the cryptocurrency exchange,, has announced its expansion into the United States of America. The exchange will now offer its services to residents of the US.

Following their announcement, the exchange has registered as a Money Services Business with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Henceforth, it will now allow residents to invest, store and purchase different kinds of cryptocurrencies across 48 states in the US, and very soon, residents of Hawaii, and New York will equally be able to access from their respective locations.

According to the CEO of, Steve Gregory, “Our expansion into the United States represents a milestone moment in the growth of as we introduce our simplified, intuitive web-based platform to one of the world’s most mature cryptocurrency markets.”

Recently, there was a rapid expansion of the company globally, which facilitates its extension to the US market. In 2021, the exchange saw an increase in trading activity by 445% YoY; within the same year, the exchange’s total trade saw a 409% increase.

Cryptos are attracting a growing number of people with great interest; is better positioned to assist clients in their path as a site authorized and registered to offer distributed ledger tech solutions. He added that:

“Our strong growth puts us on track to expand into new markets, diversify the range of products and solutions we offer our clients, and work in close concert with regulators and trade organizations to ensure we continue to provide a secure environment for our clients to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.”

Clients to leverage efficient onboarding and execution US has a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet, fiat-to-crypto currency payment channels, and a speedier onboarding procedure than other exchanges.

Its customers would be among the pioneers in the world in leveraging more efficient onboarding and implementation. The crypto exchange will analyze and evaluate the overall risk of its customers swiftly using patented machine learning technologies while staying inside rigorous regulatory limitations.

Gregory commented:

“Lengthy turnaround times and cumbersome registration processes are some of the main sources of frustration for online investors. With’s new simplified onboarding, a process that usually takes our competitors a couple of days will take us just a matter of minutes, if not seconds.”

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