Cartesi’s Native Token CTSI Is Now Available on Binance Pay

Cartesi’s Native Token CTSI Is Now Available on Binance Pay

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Binance Pay

Decentralized Linux infrastructure Cartesi’s CTSI is now on Binance Pay. The platform committed to taking smart contracts to the next level announced the addition of CTSI into Binance Pay on Wednesday.

Users to Tap into Cartesi’s Benefits with This New Addition

The addition is a fantastic opportunity for Cartesi. It has joined a list of 30 other fiat and digital currencies that are available on Binance Pay. CTSI will be exposed to millions of Binance’s users and merchants as well. Binance Pay is a payment service branch of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance. It allows businesses to sign up to receiving cryptocurrency payments.

Decentralized Linux infrastructure Cartesi, on the other hand, offers solutions to scalability and high fee problems on the blockchain using its optimistic roll-ups. The addition of Cartesi into Binance Pay extends CTSI as a payments options to various registered outlets.

Moreover, with the current rise in Ethereum’s scalability problems, users can tap into Cartesi’s service to avoid such issues. The increase in the number of DeFi projects also pushed the scalability and high fees of blockchain higher. Decentralized Linux infrastructure Cartesi is the awaited solution that is now available to millions of users on cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance.

CTSI Also Offered on

With Binance’s support, also included Cartesi’s native token CTSI. Its token holders can now use CTSI to book over 3 million travel products on The initiation of CTSI on has a launch offer of a 5% credit back that is to last till May 31. experienced a remarkable number of monthly users that exceeded 160,000. The users now have an option of using CTSI to pay for the bookings on the travel site.

Cartesi’s native token CTSI is currently trading at $ $0.5944 with a market capitalization of $589.81 million.

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