Breaking: Users Can Now Transfer Tether on Telegram via Chats

Breaking: Users Can Now Transfer Tether on Telegram via Chats

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As time passes and due to increased crypto spending, more methods to ensure crypto inclusivity in everyday transactions keep surfacing across the internet, here is another innovation by Telegram.

Telegram has added new functionality that will let users send USDT, the world’s largest stablecoin, through chats.

Telegram shared an email with CoinDesk on March 22 announcing that users can henceforth send USDT via chats after adding USDT to the app’s wallet bot.

Telegram is a messaging app with over 550 million users globally, with this number of users, crypto integration to the app will of course help in the mainstream adoption of crypto as easy ways to spend is one of the developments that can spur the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Prior to this recent USDT functionality, in 2022, Telegram added both BTC, and Toncoin to its wallet marketplace and of course, Toncoin can be sent via Telegram chats.

Stablecoins are cryptocurrencies whose values are tied to external references such as gold, and the US dollar. Examples of stablecoins in the crypto market are USDC, USDT, and BUSD amongst others.

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