Bitcoin Ranks Best Performing Asset of 2023

Bitcoin Ranks Best Performing Asset of 2023

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Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs

Despite the rough journey crypto has had in 2022, the investment bank Goodman Sachs has ranked Bitcoin as the asset with the best performance in 2023.

As per year to date asset return of Goldman Sachs, Bitcoin was ranked above gold, real estate, 10-year US Treasury, energy, Nasdaq 100, and twenty other investment instruments.

Bitcoin topped the rank with 27% of total returns and a risk-adjusted ratio of 3.1, compared to other assets like gold with a 5% rally, along with real estate, Nasdaq 100 and the S&P 500 added 3% and 2%, respectively


As of press time, Bitcoin is trading at $22,952 with a market cap of a little more than $442k, according to Coingecko.

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