Australia, Netherlands, and Ireland gain more interest in Cardano amid rapid adoption

Australia, Netherlands, and Ireland gain more interest in Cardano amid rapid adoption

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IOHK announced key alliances in African

Cardano (ADA) is gaining popularity while Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the cryptocurrency’s production team, works on real-world implementations for the digital asset.

According to Google Trends, which assesses the frequency of search requests in Google Search, attention in Cardano news has increased in recent months. It began at the end of January and peaked on March 14.

The data also showed that among the countries, the Netherlands is the most involved in the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market value, preceded by Ireland and Australia.

Africa Partnerships

Recently, IOHK announced key alliances in African. For example, the organization is collaborating with Ethiopia’s Minister of Education to develop a blockchain-based infrastructure to monitor student success in the country’s schools. The initiative will reach 5 million students and 750,000 instructors, making it the world’s biggest blockchain rollout.

According to IOHK, this alliance is central to Ethiopia’s Digital Transformation Strategy. IOHK has long understood how blockchain will help developing countries in a particular way, and this rollout is critical to its vision for Africa.

In addition, the company is taking blockchain solutions to Tanzania, where it plans to improve mobile internet access in rural areas and include digital identification and financial solutions.

IOHK revealed in April that they are collaborating with @WorldMobileTeam to create a new mobile network to link the unconnected. Their alliance, which will begin in Tanzania, aims to connect 100,000 citizens to 5G and introduce blockchain-based IDs.

The cost of ADA could double

Analysts believe the cryptocurrency would keep going up in value. Lark Davis, a cryptocurrency specialist, says the digital commodity would rise in value. He mentioned that this would occur once Cardano releases the long-awaited Alonzo update, which will allow smart contract features in the blockchain. The update will be available in August. According to Davis, the cost of ADA will more than double in the run-up to the update.

On May 2nd, 2021, Lark Davis tweeted that in the run-up to the August event, the price of Cardano smart contracts is likely to double or triple.

Cardano is also coming up with a new dedicated team to increase developer involvement in the app in the run-up to the update. Invest in cryptocurrency

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