130 Firms in China Benefits from Vechain Services, as Food Safety Alliance members

130 Firms in China Benefits from Vechain Services, as Food Safety Alliance members

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VeChain Foundation, a supply chain tracking blockchain project, made headline by joining China Animal Health & Food Safety Alliance (CAFA) in 17th September. VeChain is now the only provider of public blockchain technology in the Alliance with the responsibility to provide, both infrastructural and technical support. The alliance has more than 130 food companies including the McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Walmart in china.

According to Sunny Lu CEO of Vechain, they aim to build a farm to fork tracing systems across China. ‘With VeChain platform the consumers will be able to trace the food processing from growth, processing, packaging, logistics, and more other stages. Thus, the members of the Food Safety alliance will be able to register their important food process in the platform to strengthen the trust between them and their customers.

CAFA has currently embraced technology that has enabled companies such as U.S poultry Cargill to trace ‘’chicken 2.0’’in China on the CAFA platform by help of QR codes. This has helped the consumers to have information about poultry products from the hatchery, farm, production, test reports, and certifications. With much success in previous projects, VeChain intends to use its ToolChain platform to enable CAFA to build “farm-to-fork” tracing systems across China to strengthen the existing Food Trust system, especially in Covid-19 Pandemic.

Vechain Said, it will provide a tracible platform upon which all the 130 Alliance members will log in and key in all the processes involved in food production that will begin from cultivation, planting, processing, packaging, distribution, retailing and finally to preparation. Since all the blockchain records are immutable and secure, it will bring trust between the consumer and various food companies using Vechain traceability platform.

Vechain CEO said that the companies that are embracing their traceability platform have started seeing an increase in sales. He mentions BMW car manufacturers, whitegoods company Haier, Walmart China and BYD Auto as among the top companies to adopt the system. More companies are encouraged to join the Food Safety  Alliance so that they benefit from Vechain’s system services and ultimately restore customers trust currently and after the coronavirus pandemic.

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