🪩Is Bitcoin’s $47K the New Normal? What You Need to Know

🪩Is Bitcoin’s $47K the New Normal? What You Need to Know

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Yello, ParadiseClub Members! 😎 Feeling nervous about Bitcoin’s recent dips and dives? Let’s break down what’s really going on and why $47K might not be as scary as it sounds:

💎Right now, the market is surprisingly calm and the real panic hasn’t even kicked in yet—keep an eye on orange bars in our charts, as they signal the start of major market fear. A few weeks ago, Bitcoin was soaring around $70K, making $47K like a steep drop. But this price doesn’t look so terrible anymore. Whales have offloaded over 30,000 BTC ($1.8 billion) in the past month alone. This massive sell-off can unnerve the market but hasn’t triggered widespread panic yet.

💎From the desks of our ParadiseTeam Professional Traders: As we mentioned multiple times before, we’re not out of the woods yet. The market likely needs more shakeout—meaning more selling—but hopefully at a slower and more manageable pace. This gradual adjustment can help stabilize prices without causing a crash. These slow and gradual adjustments will also prepare the ground for future growth.

Stay sharp, focused, patient, and disciplined Paradisers🥂

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