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MCP EXTRAS PRIVATE is an exclusive service designed for those who seek a deeper understanding of the cryptocurrency market. This service offers a unique glimpse into the strategies and movements of the market’s most influential players.

Insider Market Movements: Gain real-time insights into the hidden actions of big players in the crypto world. Understand the silent strategies that shape the market.

Advanced Trading Strategies: Unlock the advanced strategies used by the ParadiseTeam in their successful trades. Get access to predictive analytics and strategic insights that are usually hidden from the public eye.

Deep Market Analysis: Benefit from in-depth analysis of on-chain data, tracking the moves of whales and institutions. Every piece of information is a critical puzzle piece in the complex world of crypto trading.

Safety in a Volatile Market: Learn how to navigate the unpredictable crypto market with confidence. Turn volatility into an advantage by understanding how to read and react to market changes.

Exclusive Membership: MCP EXTRAS PRIVATE is a limited-access service, ensuring a focused and high-quality experience for all members.

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What happens after my payment?

Once your purchase is completed, you will receive an email with your order ID and a Telegram contact for your assigned crypto expert. They will schedule an introductory call with you at your earliest convenience and give you access to our ParadiseFamilyVIP private channel on Telegram in line with the membership plan you have chosen.

The ParadiseTeams trading strategise, which have been backtesting for more than 7 years, are now finally available for a small circle of people. Only a few seats left before we reach the maximum trading volume as a group.

You are spending thousands of dollars on unscrupulous trading courses and webinars from people who can’t show you their trading results and past performances. Have you learned to draw a trend line, read candles and use technical analysis? Good job; now you are at the same level as 95% of other traders. Stop throwing your money out of the window on trading courses from some mainstream crypto influencers who can’t prove that they can stay profitable long-term with the knowledge you are paying for. Get in-depth skills and learn from real professional traders. We are only sharing with you the things that make a trader consistent and long-term profitable. With us, you will educate yourself in real-time as the market goes. On top of that, you will also have private access to our personal portfolio. Not only that you will see exactly what moves we are making in the market and our own personal crypto trading setups, but you will also be gaining knowledge worth more than any other crypto webinar or trading course for a single price! We are making trading easy even for the laziest people out there.

Are you looking for an adrenalin rush? You are at the wrong place. If you are ready to join us just for the feeling of increased heartbeat, look elsewhere. We don’t overtrade. We just wait until there is money lying in the corner, and all we have to do is go over there and pick it up. We do nothing in the meantime. Professional trading is a patience game. After years of experience, ParadiseTeam realised that the quality is way above quantity, not only from the mental health point of view but also from the profit you end up with in the long run. That’s why we choose a consistent way of trading instead of chasing the quick buck. We trade with significant capital, so we can not let space for some blunders. And that is also why we spend most of our time monitoring and analysing the markets, calculating the probabilities. Once we have positives on all our requirements, we enter with a clear mind that we have done a proper job, only the best trades possible, which is usually not more than 3 per day.