🪩How are Long Term Holders Behaving this Cycle? Insider Scoop

🪩How are Long Term Holders Behaving this Cycle? Insider Scoop

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Long term holders

Yello, ParadiseClub Members! 😎 Do you know how long term holders are behaving in this bullish market cycle? Here’s the latest trend you shouldn’t miss:

💎Recently, Long-Term Holders (LTHs) started selling some of their stash when prices hit around $45K. But here’s where it gets interesting: if prices drop below $45K, this could signal a prime buying opportunity. Why? This price level might just be the floor of the current correction—a springboard for the next bull rally.

💎What are the insights from ParadiseTeam Professional Traders: Looking at past cycles, the spending habits of LTHs tell us a lot. As we told you earlier, we’ve seen Bitcoin prices fall around 40% from their all-time highs before bouncing back. This pattern was clear as day back in 2019, just before Bitcoin took off on a major bull run. So, if history has anything to teach us, a drop below $45K could be the trigger for savvy buyers to start accumulating, setting the stage for a potential price surge.

Stay sharp, focused, patient, and disciplined Paradisers🥂

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