🪩Can the Bitcoin Market Absorb Pressure Coming From Mt. Gox?

🪩Can the Bitcoin Market Absorb Pressure Coming From Mt. Gox?

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Yello, ParadiseClub Members! 😎 Wondering what’s up with the Mt. Gox Bitcoin stash and what it means for the market? Let’s break it down:

💎Today, the crypto market witnessed something unexpected from the Mt.Gx exchange. Mt. Gox exchange reserves have dipped by a massive 107,467 BTC today. Meanwhile, the amount of Bitcoin being moved into exchanges each day is pretty low—at just 25.9K BTC. This low number suggests that not many traders are interested in selling their Bitcoin right now, which is a sign of a strong and stable market.

💎Here’s an insider scoop from our ParadiseTeam Professional Traders: Over the past five months, the market has managed to handle about 1 million BTC (GBTC=340, LTHs=660k) worth of selling pressure without crashing. Compared to this, the potential sale from Mt. Gox might seem big, but it’s actually just a fraction. Our pros believe that even if this sale happens, the market is strong enough to absorb it in just a week, and most people won’t even notice this pressure.

Stay sharp, focused, patient, and disciplined Paradisers🥂

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