🪩Are Crypto Exchanges Propping Up Bitcoin Prices?Inside Scoop

🪩Are Crypto Exchanges Propping Up Bitcoin Prices?Inside Scoop

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Yello, ParadiseClub Members! 😎 Noticed Bitcoin’s recent resilience? It might not be all organic. Let’s delve into what’s really fueling the current demand from crypto exchanges:

💎Right now, a significant chunk of Bitcoin buying isn’t coming from your average traders or investors—it’s coming from the crypto exchanges themselves. These major platforms are stepping in to buy the dip, scooping up Bitcoin as prices fall. Interestingly, the “Supply > 10K” cohort, which includes entities holding over 10,000 BTC, has seen an increase of more than 10% in their holdings. On the flip side, almost every other group, including the miners, seems to be offloading their coins.

💎What’s the view of our ParadiseTeam’s Professional Traders: While it might seem reassuring to see crypto exchanges stepping in to stabilize the market, there’s a catch. This kind of buying can create artificial demand. Essentially, it’s not driven by genuine market sentiment or investor confidence but by the exchanges acting to possibly stabilize or inflate prices artificially.

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