WWE Partners Fanatics Candy Digital to Launch NFTs

WWE Partners Fanatics Candy Digital to Launch NFTs

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For a long time, you might have been waiting for a web 3 version of wrestling stars like John Cena or Triple H, it is now appearing that your wait could soon be over.

The WWE has announced a “comprehensive long-term sports and entertainment partnership” deal with global Digital sports platform, Fanatics, in what might come as a great opportunity for die hard wrestling fans in getting their hands on some digital merch.

This deal is set to expand wrestling organization’s e-commerce and licensed merchandise offering, it will also include physical, digital and NFTs trading cards. According to a joint statement released by both companies, the NFT trading cards will feature some of the WWE biggest stars and depict some of its most talked about moments.

 Nfts are unique tokens that exist on a blockchain like Solana or Ethereum with unique identifiers.

According to the statement by the CEO of fanatics, Micheal Rubin, “WWE is one of the most widely admired sports and entertainment properties worldwide, and it made perfect sense to activate many parts of our Fanatics global platform to create a first-of-its-kind, all-in fan experience.” He said, “From e-commerce and licensed merchandise to trading cards and more, we’re going to offer up an incredible set of capabilities to help WWE’s passionate fans worldwide celebrate their favorite Superstars, marquee events and the WWE brand overall.” 

“We believe this multiplatform partnership will set a new standard for WWE e-commerce, apparel and merchandise, while providing our fans globally with more ways than ever to engage with WWE and our Superstars,” said Vince McMahon, chairman and CEO of WWE.

Among the deals is the re-introduction of a new e-commerce and mobile destination, WWE shop, offering apparel, hard goods, such as title belts, headwear, accessories, and other products. Fanatics collectibles, the company’s trading cards, and digital trading cards will also become the provider of licensed physical and digital trading cards which will now bear the Nostalgic Topps logo. Although, the WWE is said to have an existing licensing deal for trading cards, of which will expire in the next few years, after which the Fanatics will become the exclusive provider of WWE trading cards.

Hitherto, neither of the companies has specified which wrestling star would first appear on NFT trading cards.

However, NFTs as digital trading cards are appearing to be catching on, freshly unretired NFL superstar, Tom Brady has launched a number of different NFT drops for various athletes through Autograph. Just last month, Warner Music Group, partners play-to-earn blockchain card game Splinterlands for potential integration of musicians into future games.

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